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  1. Cousins also sells very small silicone-tipped devices that I now use to lift incablock circular springs (can't remember the name of them right now), and remove/replace the cap jewel from the chaton. They work very well, and are fairly inexpensive.
  2. Well done! I got more than one Oris from eBay from India for a song. The dial was repainted, and that was the strongpoint. It, too was glued to the main plate. Yes, the parts are small, aren't they? It gets better when you disassemble, oil and try to put back together an incabloc assembly; the one held in place with the rotating spring. Once the spring is off, you develop an appreciation for how small things are. Once the cap jewel is removed from the ass'y, it has to be in the top 10 for smallest manual-wind movement part. If you're familiar with the game tiddly winks, that's
  3. Nucejoe, you make a good point. Agreed. Given the slender dimensions of the pivot on the balance wheel; perhaps it is wiser to keep the pivot and hole divorced during the transfer. As mentioned, during storage, it is inverted (cock down) and the pivot in its hole. Thank you. I'm still learning.
  4. My original response to this question was before I took Mark's courses and observed his method. It's simple, doesn't take any particular dexterity acrobatics, and if followed, seems it would be very difficult to ruin, disfigure or break anything. 1. loosen and remove balance cock screw, set aside in tray. 2. gently prize the cock from its position, rotate only the cock about 20° clockwise. 3. put one tweezer tip below the balance wheel, and the other above the cock, getting a hold of it in such a way that the top pivot stays in the balance cock's jewel. 4. the most di
  5. For those who saw Snatch, "Got anything to declare?" "Yeah, don't go to London." No offense to my friends in the UK. It's a line from a movie. For those who want a watchmaker's bench, "Pay whatever it costs and have done with it!" Now that it's done, I can say I have fond memories of dozens of hours in the garage. Really, I do.
  6. Buyers and sellers are not supposed to have an apostrophe? But then, the dial is for a larger clock.
  7. Almost all complete. Everything dry fit, nothing fastened together. As mentioned above, I’ll have to re-contour the retaining walls. I’ll also finish the top so it somewhat matches the drawers. When it’s complete I’ll post the last picture. I’m happy with the semi-finished product. I certainly learned a lot. In case it went unread, look up a few posts about the free work surface.
  8. Welcome. This is a great forum for watches and questions about them. Nice pocket watch.
  9. I meant to post this a week ago. My original desktop fell victim to a mistake or two, and the 48" planks ended up being 43" after all was done. When I realized this would make the drawer encasements too close together for my liking, I decided to bite the bullet and make a new one. The old one is pictured here. I live in West Palm Beach, FL. If anyone would like this top (roughly 20" front to back); you're welcome to have it. If you're close you can come and pick it up. If you want it enough to pay for shipping, I'll send it anywhere in the US. I'm not going to use it. Thanks,
  10. Thanks, spectre6000. I'm just a bit confused regarding the fuzziness of it. If you closed your eyes and ran your hand over it it almost feels like a very stiff carpet with a 1/16" pile, if that makes sense. I agree, though. It is certainly easy on the eyes. Since the rest of the desk has a few coats of very thin poly, I'm going to test a small, unused portion of this stuff and see how it takes a coat. My guess is it would be disastrous; but we'll find out. The sample guinea pig will not be part of the bench.
  11. Perhaps my terminology is wrong. Veneer would mean SOME real wood on the surface, yes? I think this is manufactured with the pattern applied--perhaps dyed? I'm not sure. It's a bit fuzzy and I dare not sand it or apply finish. If you're familiar with this stuff, maybe you can tell me what it's called.
  12. Welcome! This is a great forum. People are friendly and generous with their knowledge.
  13. That is 5 mm veneer. It came in a 4’ x 8’ sheet. It’s held cabinet-front style in Rabbeted oak strip.
  14. Well done. That was a nice catch. During reassembly after first clean and lube, did you give the train of wheels a spin before adding the pallets?
  15. Here are the two sides. The left panel attaches to the left drawer encasement, causing the encasement to move inwards 3/4". Same with the right, but opposite. Front-to-back they will match the table top "depth." The back will be another two of these panels, joined at the center; matching the width of the table top left-to-right.
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