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  1. Thanks All for replying, i guess i will be looking into Alibaba Express... there lots of it there, hope i find a good one.
  2. thanks oldhippy, unfortunately i dont think this type of engraver will yeld the best results.the risk of damaging the movement is quiet high with this type of tool...
  3. Hi All, Hope this message finds everyone well. can anyone advise an affordable machine that can engrave/mark the back of a watch case or movement? I am starting my own brand, this is the only tool i am struggling to find at reasonable price. your feedback will be highly appreciated. any tool that can mar/engrave as per image attahced..... regards,
  4. Hi All, I am very overwhelmed with all the replies that was provided, thanks a lot for everybody that had an input on this, really appreciated it. Regards,
  5. Hi aac58, thank you so much for the detailed explanation... it helped a lot locating where it goes.. Regards,
  6. Hi AndyHull, this picture and aac58 comments helped in identifying where that part goes, i have attached an image with the highlighted area. thanks a million...
  7. Hi watchweasol, Thanks a lot for you dedication, it seems that is the right movement reference. I could establish that the same movement is used in some Shurling Watches (Alpine model). thank you all for your patience. Regards,
  8. Hi AndyHull, It is an automatic movement. Thanks. Vladimir.
  9. Hi Guys, Hope this finds all well, i have started disassembling a rotary watch with a skeleton movement and a tiny part fell out of the movement which i was not in time to take a picture. If anyone has ever worked on similar movement and know where it belongs i will appreciate your help. Pictures attached. Thank you in advance. Vladimir.
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