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  1. The six minutes interval roughly correlates with the 3rd wheel in a standard 18000 movement (right?). How would I calculate which other wheel pinion and teeth interactions happen that regularly? I have more scrap movements of these types and can try replacing more of the train wheels but would love to learn how to approach this more surgically.
  2. Thanks for all the responses! @praezisThe period is 6 minutes, not 6 seconds (the x axis is hours:minutes on that chart), so I do not believe it is the escape wheel. The six minutes makes me think it is the third wheel, but I have swapped it out for others twice with the same effect. @Nutiborskoku,I have used different barrels and arbors with it but will check the barrel bridge and mainplate holes. @Nucejoe, no endstones.
  3. I am working on a 18/0s Elgin 484 movement from the 30s. After cleaning, and doing a lot of work on the balance it runs but the amplitude varies in a regular pattern by about 30 degrees. Because of the regular pattern I figured it was a problem with the train, and replaced the train wheels from another movement just like it. The exact same pattern emerged. The x scale in the images below is in hours and the period of the pattern is around 6 minutes. Any ideas? Thanks!
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