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  1. I bought a new (digital) caliper and the thread is now 0.8mm. Those I can find!
  2. Thanks a lot for the link. However I can't seem to find the right one. I think my thread is 0.6mm
  3. Another question: I broke my female part of the stem. Its 5mm withouth the crown. Anyone knows where I can buy that?
  4. Thank you all for thinking with me on this problem. I just tightened the cannon pinion a little bit. I know its new and I shouldn't have to do that, but the watch is old therefore the center tube is also old. Now the minute hand moves!! I'll have to watch out I didn't over do it and the watch runs too slow, but we'll see!
  5. Okay, thank you. Since the old cannon pinion was also losing time i'm starting to think my tube is worn out. Now that cannon pinion was relatively easily replaced. If I wanted to replace the center wheel, would that be a repair I can do myself?
  6. Yes I think that also, so you were telling me it needs to slip, but not very tight. I also just cleaned the center tube with lighter fluid.
  7. The problem is: the minute and hour hands don't move at all when I wind the main spring. However when i pull the crown and adjust the time, they are moving fins, but they are moving very fast, like how a loose cannon pinion feels.
  8. Hi, yes I have the hour wheel for this movement. See the pictures below. As you can see there is just enough space to fit the minute hand. So thats fine. However are you saying the cannon pinion needs to still be friction fitted to the center wheel shaft?
  9. That means i'm learning allready! Thank you, I will try it tonight. I've bought a pair of nailclippers and are going to file away a gap.
  10. I will do that, I hope I learned a lot from my first attempt . By the way, thank you guys so much for helping me with this.
  11. I'm positive it should be mounted on the cannon pinion. I have the feeling I got the right cannon pinion but there is just no friction between the staff and the pinion. If not please tell me. So, if i wanted to tighten it where do I tighten it, on the place in the picture?
  12. It doesn't feel like its moving at all when I perform a side shake, its not loose on the sides but it does fall in place without force. Silly question: The minute hand is mounted to the cannon pinion, right, and not to the center wheel staff.
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