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  1. Hello and thanks for having, no wait...not knowing you invited me to join this forum. I have been a watch collector since I got my first watch in 1978 when I was 8 years old. It was a Mickey Mouse watch and I immediately fell in love with watches. I’ve owned hundreds of watches over the years, but I’ve traded, sold, lost, broke, all but what makes up my current collection. I mostly traded or sold many of my watches because as much as I’d like to be a centipede and be able to wear them all, I simply cannot. So now I’m down to a mildly responsible assortment, though there are still quite a few on my radar. Seiko is my favorite brand and I’m particularly fond of the late 60’s to the mid 80’s era of Seiko offerings. My collection isn’t full of Seiko watches, it’s well spread out. What I am most excited about is after all these years of looking up repair tips, I finally found a place that has the answers. I have one pressing question that led me to join, but I am also in the midst of repairing some others and I’m thrilled I have a place to get some help, and maybe offer some too. Anyway, greetings once again and I look forward to meeting as many of y’all as possible.
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