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  1. I already ordered a new one and installed it.
  2. I've tried a couple and none of them really worked but perhaps you're lucky and yours works flawlessly. Contemporary mobile phones have multiple lenses but the picture above was taken with a Samsung Galaxy S6. It has a single lens so wide angle photos aren't possible.
  3. I've tried those clip on lenses and they do work. The downside is that the picture is crisp and sharp in the middle but out of focus around it, like a fish eye lens. This picture was taken with one of those clip on lenses.
  4. I haven't taken any sides either. I have three sets of screwdrivers and one set has parallel blades. I was simply reacting to other statements that seem to think that parallel blades are gospel and that tapered blades are wrong.
  5. If the slot is only a fraction wider, the two points of contact will be on the opposite corners of the blade on the diagonal of the slot. This causes tensile stress which can cause more damage than a traditional v-shaped blade in the correct size because it evenly grips the full length of the slot.
  6. As with so many things, there's no good or wrong. This has been debated for decades and it won't be settled with 1 picture. The best thing is to have multiple sets of screwdrivers so you can use the best one for the job. The picture makes sense but only because the one on the left is a perfect fit. If the slot in the screw is only a fraction wider, it doesn't work. So, you'd need a different screwdriver.
  7. Careful, guys! Not many things make watchmakers lash out more than screwdriver blade shapes and which oils and greases to use where
  8. I also find it odd to immediately have everyone's screwdrivers hollowed. A friend of mine is also an Omega certified watchmaker but has never used a parallel blade in his life. The same goes for Anthony from NoBSwatchmaker, who's certified for Rolex, Breitling, JLC, and Omega. No doubt that parallel blades are useful in some cases but it sounds like a personal thing from the teacher. *edit The great George Daniels was also all about flat ground screwdrivers.
  9. I agree. From what I know, The British Horological Institute and watchmaker schools in the Netherlands teach to work on watches with flat ground screwdrivers. Hollow ground is useful for screws made of a softer metal such as gold and convex screws that you sometimes see in older watches and also sometimes used as case screws.
  10. I think it's either a collet closing tool or a tube tightener.
  11. Nice watch! The case doesn't look so bad to me.
  12. I just sold the K&D staking set so it's not available anymore. Sorry
  13. Sorry about mentioning prices. I only wanted to help a fellow member and be as clear as possible. I won't do it again
  14. Well, since the OP mentions the price in his first post, it does seem to matter in this case
  15. K&D are decent staking sets. I think my asking price is fair. @jdrichard simply had a hell of a deal.
  16. I have this K&D Inverto 18 DeLuxe set for sale. Asking price is 160 euros and shipping to Sweden is 15 euros.
  17. Wow, very nice. Can you connect it to your monitor?
  18. Hi, you can buy it here: https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/female-swiss-made
  19. Yup, it's less than I expected as well. Bought original crowns for 50 GBP before.
  20. @oldhippy, @Nucejoe, @jdm thanks for your help!
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