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  1. I have my Seiko 5T52A completely stripped down to the main plate and I'm ready to clean and oil. I have 6 plastic wheels and the main plate is plastic as well. Question, will it hurt these plastic parts to submerge them in lighter fluid or should I use air to clean them? Second question, none of the plastic wheel axle holes call for oil, should I oil them anyway? Can it hurt them? I think not but I thought I would check with you guys.
  2. Well I took a small plunge and purchased screwdrivers, tweezers, hand removers, and hand installers from Cousinsuk. I purchased a 5X loupe from Amazon and I think I can get by with my cheap ebay kit case opener and holder. I'm planning on using lighter fluid as cleaner unless someone on the board here can talk me out of it. Now I need to purchase a small amount of oil for my clean and lube project. I've identified 4 watch and clock repair establishments in a 40 mile radius but I need to know what to ask for. I assume all I'll need is a few drops. Question: the manual calls for Moebius A and Seiko watch oil S-6. It does not call for any grease. In most of the posts I see recommendations for Moebius 9010, Moebius D5, etc... Can someone give me recommended equivalents that I'm likely to find in these local shops for both the Moebius A and the S-6?
  3. Thanks for the great advice. I would have never thought to file down the needles and I'll go with the more appropriate oils.
  4. Fortunately I don't know what the exchange rate is--besides I think I'll start with the jam jars.
  5. New guy here. Been lurking and have picked up a lot of good info. I initially found the site because I have a Seiko 5T52 that I have had for about 25 years. Recently, it began stopping about 2 or 3 times a week and loses a couple of minutes a day. I'm assuming it needs a clean and lube and I was hoping to fix the old watch, but after reading I knew I needed some tools and knowledge first. I purchased another Seiko for my main timepiece but would like to clean and lube the 5T52 for sentimental reasons. I have plenty of time now to plan and gather materials. I figure I can only ruin it--right! Then put it on ebay for parts. First question, can someone give me a list of the bare minimum tools, supplies, and equipment I would need to do a professional job of cleaning and lubing. I don't think this will turn into a hobby so I would like to keep this affordable. I have the basic ebay 18 piece kit because I needed to size my new watch bracelet. My questions are: can I get away without oilers and possibly dip a pin in the oil and dab on; can I get by with just one pair of tweezers, what size; do I need a loupes; can I just put parts in a jar of cleaning solution and hand agitate; etc... Thanks in advance. I'm sure I'll have more questions as I work through the process.
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