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  1. Hi there,I fully agree with Old Hippy I have an ultrasonic cleaner with heating and degassing and I use that for watch cases,bracelets etc.I always use my National Watch Cleaning Machine with Elma Luxury Clean Waterless Cleaner and 2 rinses in Elma Luxury Clean Waterless Rinse then through the drying cycle and I have been having good results with this.I did use my Ultrasonic cleaner on a main plate of an old pocket watch as I couldn't get a jewel out to clean it so I reverted to the Ultrasonic cleaner.Hope this helps, Regards and keep safe during this tough time,Seth.
  2. Good Morning,Many thanks for your very kind remarks,I hope you are all keeping safe and well during this tough time,Regards,Seth.
  3. Good Morning,Well as promised I enclose photos of my basket set up after modifying a spare National Watch Cleaning Machine basket shaft.I turned the head down from 66 mm to 64 mm to accept the Elma basket frame.I have to trim the spring down to size to hold the baskets firm but otherwise it's turned out fine and after cleaning the internal dia of the shaft from all the corroded alloy it fits my machine like it was made for it.Regards and keep safe during this tough time Seth.
  4. Hi there,I have lubricated both top and bottom motor bearings with HP Stihl Chainsaw Grease which is for the chain bearings on a chainsaw so that should be OK.If you see my photo with all the parts laid out you will see the bottom motor bearing which is uncovered by removing the spring loaded jar cover and there is a fibre washer sandwiched between two phosphor bronze washers this is all held in place by the flange on the spring loaded jar cover.The top bearing has a brass cover over it and the same set up with washers.So I removed the washers,packed the bearings with fresh grease and now it r
  5. Hi there,Well I have reassembled the National Watch Cleaning Machine with the original basket shaft and I have cleaned all the corroded rubbish from out of the basket shaft and it now glides on and off the motor shaft great!! The machine runs OK as well so this afternoon I am going to set up the spare shaft in my small lathe and reduce the dia of the head where it connects to the Elma basket frame as it is smaller than the National Watch Cleaning Machine basket assembly.Then I will be able to use eithe shaft with either the National or the Elma basket set up.Will keep you posted on this ongoin
  6. Hi there, Good News,I have finally managed to get the shaft off the motor shaft and now it's just a matter of cleaning the internal dia of the basket shaft as it's very corroded.I purchased a load of cleaning machine baskets and odds last year for £19-00 on eBay and now I am going to modify the spare shaft to fit the Elma 3 tier basket frame and baskets that were with all the parts that I purchased so that I can either use the original National Watch Cleaning Machine basket and shaft or,use the modified shaft with the Elma 3 tier basket frame and baskets by just swapping out the basket shafts.
  7. Good Morning,Well I can now finally see the basket shaft as I have removed about 1/2" from the bottom of the spring loaded cover tube with a fine Jewellers Saw.I have soaked the basket shaft where the motor shaft join is with Plus Gas release fluid so I will try to move the shaft later today.I enclose photos of the motor and shaft assembly,the cable entry to the motor and the new quick release connector that I used to connect the motor also a photo of the connector kit that I purchased from Amazon.How far down inside the basket shaft does the motor shaft go down?? Is it all the way to the bott
  8. Hi there Many thanks for your help and advice I will have a look in my old Best fit Book to see if it resembles anything like the 168 that you mentioned.Regards and keep safe,Seth.
  9. Hi there, Many thanks for your reply I have removed the motor from the machine taken the 3 flange screws out and as you will see from the attached photos the basket shaft is still about 1/2" below the gap when I move the spring loaded cover tube down.The end of this tube is hitting the actual basket holder so tomorrow I am going to gently cut about 1/2"---5/8" off the end of this tube with my Dremel as it's only soft alloy and this will allow I to get a screwdriver in between the end of the shaft and the motor as you have done.will keep you advised,Regards,Seth.
  10. Hi there,Many thanks for your reply I still haven't managed to get the shaft off and my shaft is covered by another tube with a spring that presses the cleaning jar lid down when in use to stop the fluid from leaking out.This tube has a flange that has 3 screws into the motor casing did you have this on your machine?? If so did you remove the flange screws to get access to the shaft.I enclose photos so you can see my set up.Regards and keep safe.Seth.
  11. Good Afternoon and a belated Happy New Year to you all and I hope you are all keeping safe and well.I wonder if anyone can help me with this A Schild watch movement that I have obtained.I have disassembled it ready to go through my National Watch Cleaning Machine but I cannot find what calibre or movement model it is.It is 30 mm in dia which I think equates to 13 Lignes and all there is stamped on the main plate is the AS mark and a number 46 which appears on the Barrel bridge and Train bridge.Any help would be gratefully received,I enclose photos for your reference.Regards and keep safe,Seth.
  12. Hi there John,Many many thanks for your reply,picture and help I can now see how it goes together and I now know why I have been struggling to put it together as I had the centre arbour upside down so it would definitely have never gone together.Once again I cannot thank you enough for your time and help.Regards and best wishes,stay safe,Seth.
  13. Hi there Many thanks for your reply the mainspring that I have received is from the USA and I enclose a photo of the package it came in.If you see my first photo the small silver piece at the top of the photo has to go into the middle of the spring center and then the cover with the toothed wheel and actual barrel hook assy is part of the barrel cover.So I have to try and get the small piece into the square hole of the actual barrel,then try and somehow get the cover with barrel hook over the small piece and also while doing this try to engage the hook with the mainspring without being able to
  14. Good Morning I hope you are all keeping safe and well during this time.I have a Waltham 6/0 watch and I am trying to replace the old mainspring as I have sourced a replacement.Does anyone know how to refit the barrel cover which comprises of the toothed wheel and the arbour which connects with the mainspring is all one piece.There is a separate pinion that has a square on it that has to locate in the actual barrel and then through the arbour/ barrel cover.I have been trying to fit this together for hours without any success so I have turned to this forum for any help.Regards to all photos of b
  15. Hi there Many thanks for your reply and help,I have taken the top motor shaft cover off to see if I could get to hold the shaft but all there is under the cover is a bearing.I removed the two nuts that appear to hold the bottom motor casing on but even gently tapping the casing it will not split so I am going to make an adaptor for the puller to try and shift the basket shaft.Regards,Seth.
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