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  1. Many thanks for all of your help and replies,I will experiment with an old scrap movement that looks like it has been lubricated with Castrol Agricultural Grease but all I wanted this movement for was screws.Once again many thanks and keep safe.Regards,Seth.
  2. Good Morning to you all and I hope you are all keeping safe and well during these dark hours.Can anyone advise me on if its safe to clean the watch plate with the balance attached in an Ultrasonic cleaner using Elma WF Pro watch cleaning solution then in a rinse of Elma Suprol Pro watch cleaning rinse?? I have usually used Essence of Renata for the balance but after cleaning movements by hand I decided to invest in an ultrasonic tank and would like some advice on general movement cleaning with Ultrasonic Cleaning tanks.Any information will be gratefully received,many thanks to all and stay safe,Regards Seth.
  3. Brilliant, many many thanks for your reply and help I will now have an afternoon tinkering with my lathes to see how it works.I have a Lorch lathe with lots of accessories and I have just bought myself a brand new Proxxon lathe as I'm retired and have lots of time (no pun meant) to tinker with old watches.Take care,keep safe and many thanks ,Regards,Seth.
  4. Hi there the screwplate I have is the one I enclose a photo of I got this in a set with all the taps from Cousins UK.The reason I want to find out the correct size of material is I have to replace a couple of case screws on an old pocket watch that have the heads broken in half and I have managed to get them out.I have tried threading a piece of 1.10 steel with a number 13 on the screwplate but the threadform seems rather flat so before I go ahead and turn blank screws on my Lorch I want to find out the correct size of material I need to use.The origina broken case screws fit the number 13 screwplate fine and a number 13 tap screws into the watch plate perfectly.Regards Seth.
  5. Hi there,Can anyone help me with what size I need to turn down a length of steel to put a number 13 thread from a screw plate on??I am rather confused on how this sizing works and would be most grateful if anyone can help me with any information on sizes of steel or brass before threading.Regards, Seth.
  6. Many thanks to you all for your help with my little problem.
  7. Good Morning to you all I hope you are all keeping safe and well,I wonder if anyone can help me with a small problem I have.I have a set of old watch mainspring winders which I use and they have become rather worn on the mainspring hooks on the winding arbors.Does anyone have any ideas on how to replace the hooks on the arbors?? Any help would be gratefully received,I enclose photos of the winders,Regards,Seth.
  8. Hi there to all who have replied to my plea for help.Well I have finally managed to get this Incabloc Shock Spring replacement fitted after a lot of cussing and swearing I had to revert to my little Amazon cheapo digital microscope why on earth I didn't think of this earlier.It's now back together and I will see if it is going to work.Photo enclosed.Regards to you all and keep safe,Seth.
  9. Hi there I have taken some photos of the movement and parts that I am trying to reassemble as you will see the jewel housing and new springs alongside the broken spring are safe for the moment in a plastic box.The movement shown is a FEF310 vintage.Regards,Seth.
  10. Hi there I hope you are all keeping safe and well,I finally got a pack of replacement Incabloc Shock Spring's for my FEF310 movement but can anyone help me with how do I fit a spring.I have spent hours looking for springs on the bench,floor etc and finally found all of them!!! So having gathered my patience and nerves back I'm ready to attempt to fit a spring to the bottom balance jewel housing if anyone can help me with any suggestions on how to fit them.Any help would be gratefully received,Regards and keep safe,Seth.
  11. Hi there all,Many thanks for all of your help and replies,As you have said the cannon pinion was a devil to get off but now it's off I can finally strip the movement ready for cleaning whilst I am waiting for a replacement mainspring to arrive.Once again many many thanks for all your help and replies,keep safe,Regards to all,Seth.
  12. Hi there to all,I have managed to get the cannon pinion off the centre wheel Arbor with a pin vice and it appears that the cannon pinion was not pushed onto the Arbor far enough as now there seems to be hardly any endshake in the centre wheel.Once again many thanks for all your help and replies,Regards Seth.
  13. Hi there to you all I hope you are all keeping safe and well, Can anyone help me with a small problem I have with an Illinois 18S Grade 2 Pocket Watch.Does anyone know how to remove the cannon pinion from the center wheel arbor.It looks like the square that is for hand setting is larger than the dia of the center wheel arbor so I cannot remove the cannon pinion as normal?? Also the center wheel arbor has quite a bit of endshake so is it possible to tighten this by using my staking set or is there some special way of removing the cannon pinion.Any help would be gratefully received,Many thanks keep safe,Regards,Seth.
  14. Many thanks for all your help and replies I can now order replacement parts after translating the French description's into English.Regards to all, keep safe,Seth.
  15. Hi there I hope you are all keeping safe and well,can anyone help me with the following little problem I have.I have a 17 jewel FEF310 movement which has a broken Incabloc Shock Spring and I am at a loss as what size spring do I need to replace the broken one.As in the Cousins catalogue there are listed 20 different sizes and I am not sure what size I need any help would be gratefully received.Regards and keep safe, Seth.
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