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  1. Thanks @jdm that worked, it's so simple when you know how
  2. Thanks @JTravis, the spacer ring and the movement itself both rotate fully but there is no obvious setting/position that will free either.
  3. I've recently purchased this Bulova Sea King 737 (11BLC Caliber) to practice disassembly and reassembly but before i've even removed the movement from the case i have an issue. I've removed the case back and the two screws holding down the movement but i'm struggling to take the movement out of the case. There is a spacer ring holding the movement but there seems to be an additional brass c-shaped ring between the spacer ring and case with a lip which the spacer ring is underneath so there does not seem to be any obvious way to get the movement out. I've considered this may be a front loaded watch but there is no obvious markings to denote this. Has anyone worked with a similar watch and can advise how to get the movement out please. Thanks in advance. Maz
  4. Thanks @MrRoundel, I've checked on Cousins and they do not stock it and Ranfft does not provide the dimensions of the mainspring.
  5. I am working on a Bulova 11 BLC movement and trying to source a new replacement mainspring, does anyone know where i may be able to source one?
  6. Thanks @aac58 and @jdm, both videos very helpful.
  7. So i'm currently in the process of disassembling a Seiko 6602 and had a query regarding what looks like a kind of cap jewel: So hopefully this image is clear enough. So i can see the standard cap jewel to the top left of the centre of the movement but what is the jewel to the bottom left of the centre of the movement. Is this also a capped jewel and if so how do i remove the spring above it?
  8. Thanks @AndyHull, that makes good sense. Can i ask where you obtained the above data as this seems to be a useful too?
  9. I'm about to start working on a Seiko 6602 and would like to be able to put it on the timegrapher before and after and see how well it works but i'm struggling to identify the correct lift angle for it. It seems to be missing from all the general lift angle lists I've come across. I've read in other posts that most Seiko's are either 52 / 54.5 but which is it for this movement, can anyone help please?
  10. Thanks Alexei, thats exactly what i need.
  11. Hi all, I have recently purchased an Omega Flightmaster 145.036 and want to replace the crystal with an original Omega crystal or a Sternkreuz part but cannot find any reference to the exact part codes i need, anyone know of a good reference website that has this information please? Thanks in advance Maz
  12. Thanks @oldhippy, this is exactly what i did at a taster clock making class - we striped and re-built a Russian Sekonda pocket watch. Plan to practice this a lot more.
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