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  1. Thanks Alexei, thats exactly what i need.
  2. Hi all, I have recently purchased an Omega Flightmaster 145.036 and want to replace the crystal with an original Omega crystal or a Sternkreuz part but cannot find any reference to the exact part codes i need, anyone know of a good reference website that has this information please? Thanks in advance Maz
  3. Thanks @oldhippy, this is exactly what i did at a taster clock making class - we striped and re-built a Russian Sekonda pocket watch. Plan to practice this a lot more.
  4. I know, seems i've definitely come to the right place, thank you everyone :-)
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome guys.
  6. I'm a complete newbie and want to learn how to dismantle and re-build watches, specifically Seiko's. Any suggestions on what movement to use as my first independent project to practice on and make loads of mistakes? Struggling to find recommendations on the different movements to use as a complete beginner and as my skills improve. Should i stick to only Seiko's or broaden my horizons? Cheers Maz https://www.instagram.com/timeformaz
  7. Hi all, I'm Mazboy from London and have always been fascinated with watches and have been building up a collection of vintage Seiko's (mainly 6138/6139's) and Swatch watches. I appreciate not everyone here will appreciate Swatch as a real watch brand but they remind me of my childhood so will always have a place in my heart. I've had a bit of spare time recently so took a watch making taster course and dismantled and re-built an old Soviet Sekonda pocket watch and was totally engrossed. This has motivated me to take this further and dismantle/re-build more watches and pick up some skills. Ultimately i want to be able to service and maybe repair my own Seiko's at some point. Any good Seiko tips would be very welcome, especially what Seiko movement to get as my first independent project. Cheers Maz https://www.instagram.com/timeformaz
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