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  1. Hello Yankeedog, I spent fourteen years in the British Army followed by the rest of my carer in the thin blue line. Soldiering for me was the pinnacle of my life. Seven tours in Northern Ireland and then the first Gulf War. Once a soldier ............etc. Took me many years to align myself to civilian standards without getting upset at how low they were. Great to meet you my American cousin. John
  2. Hi Watchweasel, thanks for welcome, very new to this but Im retired now and have some time on my hands (see what I did there). Best wishes John
  3. Thanks guys, I totally get the quality tools thing as I come from an engineering background where good tools last a lifetime. Looking forward to using the forum and getting to know everyone. Have a great day wherever you are John
  4. Hello everyone, Im John from the UK, new to the hobby so please be gentle :) Where does everyone get their tools and spare parts from in the UK? Have a great day John :)
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