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  1. Restoration and service of my grandfather’s watch is complete! I completely serviced the movement with new mainsprings, the hands were relumed, the crystal is new, and it has a new strap. It is ready for 50 more years of timekeeping. .... with adequate service intervals! IMG_1627.MOV FullSizeRender.mov FullSizeRender.mov
  2. Was the pallet secured in place with the pallet bridge when the mainspring unwound suddenly or was the bridge removed or loose? Since all the mainspring power was suddenly let down, you have to check for broken pivots in the escape wheel as well as in the pallet. If this is the case you will need a jeweling tool in order to get the lower escape wheel jewel back in place. If the entry pallet jewel is out of place, it can be moved, but you will need to measure the appropriate distance from the escape wheel tooth in both the locking phase and impulse phase. This can be done "by eye
  3. Lighter fluid will more than suffice for Level 2 of the course, and for watch repair has a hobby. I have used both Ronsonol and Zippo. Zippo has less odor in my opinion. I have cleaned and restored many movements using only lighter fluid, never had a problem and they come out very clean. Also, I clean everything by hand. Have yet to invest in a ultrasonic machine, but probably will later on (haven’t had the need for it yet). best of luck!
  4. Hi! From your video, it appears as if the escape wheel tooth is not locking into the entry stone. The exit stone appears to lock appropriately. Several things to consider. Broken or chipped entry pallet stone. Loose entry pallet stone. Malpositioned entry pallet stone (not making contact with the escape wheel teeth in the locking phase). Entry lever/arm of the pallet fork is bent. Too much endshake in the escape wheel (on the video it appears as if the escape wheel has a significant upwards vertical shift when spinning). I do have some other questi
  5. Hi! Judging by your description of the mainspring, it appears it is bent or misshapen. This could be a possible problem and I would suggest you change it. By your description of the watch sound (galloping horse) and the high amplitude, specially for a Seiko, I would agree this sounds like rebanking. I would recommend trying to find a barrel complete assembly and replace, if you don’t have a mainspring winder. As trying to wind the mainspring by hand will likely damage it (specially the automatic ones with the bridle). I damaged many. cheers and best of luck!
  6. That looks like a ratchet wheel problem. Perhaps it disengaged from the barrel arbor. Other possibilities would be a broken Mainspring, although that would be less likely if this is a relatively new movement. You have to remove the automatic works to get a better look. I have a video on YouTube on regulating the ETA 2824 (The Sellita SW200 is a clone of the ETA 2824) in which I specifically demonstrate how to remove the automatic works. This will give you a better idea on what's going on. Good luck
  7. Haha. Yes, I know. I was just commenting on the condition of the movement when I first started disassembling it. It literally looked like the last person who serviced it “dipped” it in oil Sorry if it was confusing.
  8. I saw this 43mm on eBay not too long ago (https://www.ebay.com/itm/373241353616). Can’t comment on the quality as I have not tried this one, but I can tell you that the one from B-line is of excellent quality (except the strap that it comes with). Just in case, I ordered my logos from AliExpress: US $5.00 | Custom 3d logo metal transfer stickers UV transfer stickers Personalized stickers DIY decals waterproof free shipping labels https://a.aliexpress.com/_B1CEvj. The communication was very good and their pricing and quality is excellent compared to others I have seen el
  9. Thank you. Yes that is for bezel removal. Here is the source! https://www.ebay.com/itm/143143814318 Best, Guido
  10. Some recently completed projects I made for friends and family. Hope you like them. NH35 movement ETA 6497 movement Sellita SW-200 Miyota 8215 movement ETA 2824 Èlaborè grade NH35 movement ETA 2824 movement ETA 2824 èlaborè grade
  11. Hi! Thank you for your reply. I did not detach the coil, maybe the next time I service it. BTW you should have seen the movement when I first disassembled it. There was oil dripping from the plates and oil/grease crusted everywhere. The person who serviced it used an excessive amount.
  12. For some reason the video doesn’t show up as slow motion, but you can still see the problem.
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