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  1. Had someone fix one of these using the parts from the other. Everything was fine, except one day something let go internally and the clock rolled off the ramp onto the floor. Now its damaged since they weigh about 6lbs. :(. If anyone can fix this , let me know but I am wondering how this would return ship because i can only imagine how UPS or USPS would throw this package around even if you BOLDLY marked FRAGILE on it. There must have been a way to lock it internally and ship this clock. Otherwise how would they have sold any?
  2. Ok I am saving deep for an IWC, Patek, LeColture, Vacheron and a Chiming Credor Hopefully you Guys have more than me. Dont vomit seeing the digital " The One" watch. Yea I know but Im a geek also. Show me yours
  3. My oldest watch that I wear. Not daily of course but I use it. Some people store their vintage and exotic cars , I could never do that. I have to drive them.
  4. Even though they do not run they still defy gravity by not rolling down the inclined. Ooooh MAGIC. Clocks are surprisingly heavy - about 6 lbs each
  5. Thx for response. Thats why I posted a request for a repairer that knows this clock and has parts or knows where to possibly get parts. Actually I would love to get both going. I only have 1 wood stand but that can be made. I know on 1 clock , I need a balance staff so far. Enjoy the picture
  6. Looking for someone knowledgable in repairing an Imhof inclined plane gravity clock. I have 2 clocks that I bought at an auction as-is non-running. I am looking for either parts to repair both and someone who knows how to repair them
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