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  1. You care correct. K&D changed their name from buyouts several times then went out of business altogether sometime in the 90s
  2. Hi Mr. OldHippie,

    I just purchased a K&D staking set off of eBay. It looks fairly complete.

    It includes something called an "automatic balance staff remover".

    I wonder if you know how to use it? Do I use a stump with it, or just go right off the anvil?

    Any insight would be appreciated.

    Bob K.



  3. Okay! I didn't realize that I could do that. I will get to it today. Thanks, Bob K
  4. I'm about a year into this amazing hobby, and I'm a little obsessed! (in a good way) I started buying old Seiko Quartz watches on eBay, 90% just need a battery, then a re-list them. I'm not getting rich, but it's helping to pay for watch repair tools. Anyway, I'm moving to automatic movements so I bought some old pocket watches to practice on. I've discovered that a wrist watch is nearly identical to a pocket watch in basic design! I have an old pocket watch that I tried to disassemble and I can NOT get the cannon pinion off of it. I purchased an older cannon pinion remover and.....no way. Is there a solvent that I can apply to the center wheel shaft? I tried a drop of lighter fluid last night. So far nothing. Does anyone have a suggestion?
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