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  1. Hi I have a Sandy 490 I serviced. When I took it apart I pried off the aluminum bezel and the crystal came off easily. Now when I assemble it and put the crystal in place and press the bezel on, the crystal falls out. Is anyone familiar with how to assemble this watch? I would appreciate help with this problem. Thank you Tony
  2. Thanks all for the replies. I do have a case press for the assembly. Tony
  3. Hi I have a Quartz Marathon Navigator with a Rotating Bezel that is frozen. I would like to remove the bezel, clean it up and hopefully get it working again. Having never worked on one, I'm not sure how the bezel is removed. Can anyone advise me on how to remove the bezel. Thank you, Tony
  4. Thank you for the comments. Tony
  5. Hi I have a ETA 2801-2 that runs reasonably well when it is on a full wind : Amplitude-232, Beat error - 1.0, Rate- +10sec. with the regulator in the central position. After appx. 15 hours the numbers are as follows: Amplitude-198, Beatt Error-2.5, Rate- +30sec. I would appreciate suggestions as to what might be the problem. I'm thinking maybe it is a Mainspring problem. Thank you, Tony
  6. HSL The keyless works is operating. Not as smoothly as I would like but it is functional. It took some delicate bending in two places to achieve it. In the mean time I'll keep looking for a replacement. Thank you so much for all the information you gave me. It was most helpful. Tony
  7. It is hard to see it is bent since it is laying flat. When I say it won't set or wind, it is because I can't insert the stem. When assembled, pushing on the tab to insert the stem causes the works to pop out of place. However, if I insert the stem in place, and then assemble the rest of the works, it will set and wind. Then when pushing on the tab to remove or insert the stem, the setting lever jumper as well as the setting lever pops out of place. Also, thank you for the information about the other ETA movement. Tony
  8. Hi I have a Stocker & Yale Military watch with the ETA 2081-2 movement. A part in the winding mechanism is bent preventing stem insertion and setting and winding. Does anyone know of a source for parts for this movement or if another movement has part that is interchangeable. Thank you, Tony
  9. Thanks all for the great tips. Tony
  10. Hi Does anybody have any tips on installing a Mainspring Barrel Arbor? I've been fighting with one for quite some time. Thank you, Tony
  11. Thanks. I will be reassembling the watch following you advice. Tony
  12. Hi I have a Bulova 10BNCH with a setting problem. When the movement is out of the case it winds, sets, and hacks properly. When it is assembled in the case the stem, the stem pulls out when trying to set it. Parts have been replaced from another watch but the problem remains. I would appreciate suggestions to solve this problem. Thank you, Tony
  13. JC Thanks much for the information. My area of the Bronx was Matilda Ave. near the elevated subway. We then moved to Mt. Vernon. Regards Tony.
  14. Hi The question about the lubrication doesn't refer to the normal movement parts, i.e., Balance Pivots, Wheel Pivots, Pallet Fork etc. My question deals with the Dial side parts that move the number wheels. The levers and the cam on the Canon Pinion. The first picture is a Dial-O-Rama with a Benrus FG25 movement. The second picture is from a Gruen Air Flight with a N510SS movement. noirrac1j you from Brooklyn? I'm originally from the Bronx. Thanks Tony
  15. Hi I have a couple of Jump Hour watches and would like to know the type, if any, of lubrication used on the dial side jump mechanism. Thank you Tony
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