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  1. I picked up an Ingersoll pocket watch (AKA: The Dollar Watch?) but it seems be a bit different than other Dollar watch movement I watched video on. This one does not seem to have an access hole for me to release the ratchet. Do I need to remove the plate opposite the balance to access it to let down the spring or am I missing an access point somewhere? Can someone confirm I don't need to remove the stem before pulling the movement on this guy? Others I've seen were 2 piece stem with a simple groove cut for the two parts to engage. And I know chances are slim but, anyone know where I can get a diagram of the movement before I rip in? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the welcome folks. I'm in the SF bay area, California. I'm not a big fan of eBay so I think I'll just continue to scout the thrift shops for a pocket watch or even clock. Was also my thought a larger movement should be my first go.
  3. As a long time equipment mechanic I deal with how small things have gotten over the last 25+ years. After watching hours of video it seemed to me watch repairs/tinkering might help me keep my small assembly skills in tune. Makes me feel old having to wear a magnifier or loupe now when "back in the day" we used a breaker bar and hammer to fine tune that .03mm clearance. I'm currently looking at a ST2130 movement for a first inexpensive build to get me rolling before I dive in deeper. Basics first. I've also had my eye out for an inexpensive, even broken, movement to play with but haven't had much luck yet. Any recommendations on an easy/cheep movement to start with? Cheers
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