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  1. Good point about the hairspring. I guess I didn't think of that because he says it's such a regular period between issues. A hairspring wouldn't initially come to mind as something that regular over so many seconds... -_(^_^)_- At any rate, now he has some good info to go on. I look forward to seeing where this goes. Good luck, OP!
  2. Well... It may be true that the variations may be within tolerance for most horological applications, but it depends heavily on what device you're using and how it allocates processing time. There IS an undeniable fluctuation, even if it's by a fraction of a millisecond on a good device. At least at the time I researched this and compared a dedicated timing machine and PC based software to an app on a phone, it gave conflicting results and the general consensus was that the technology was a decent indicator, but not precise enough to beat the other options. I mentioned it mainly as a trivial addition to the knowledge base since it may come in handy sometime. I didn't do it to rain on anyone's picnic.
  3. Thanks Nucejoe! I've enjoyed reading the public posts for a while so I know I'll like it here. The NAWCC message boards are sometimes a little ranty when certain people start having "friendly" disagreements on technique or tools. Lol.
  4. Hi guys. My name is Dylan Tilley and I recently joined WRT after ages of lurking. I've been a watchmaker, jeweler, and gemologist for several years now and still love learning new things. I'll do the best I can to be a contributing member of this great forum when I'm online and if anyone needs something I can offer, feel free to reach out. See you around the forums!
  5. Yeah the escape wheel is one place I'd look for sure.
  6. Oh okay. Thanks for clarifying. I look forward to seeing the photos. I'm not familiar enough with the movement to say exactly what the problem is with my current info, but we'll get to the bottom of it. I also want to mention that sometimes the apps on phone based timeghraphers aren't necessarily processing the sound at the exact time the sound is made. The processors do one thing at a time, and the app waits for a time slot to move to the next function as the phone is running all of its OS programs.. This can make timegrapher apps act oddly unless you have a "real time OS" as on a laptop or desktop. Does the watch have the same pattern on a different timegrapher? And can you audibly hear anything different during these cycles?
  7. You're way out of beat by the looks of it. Make sure the impulse jewel is lining up between the banking pins dead center so it falls on the straight line between the balance staff and the pallet fork pivot. You can do this by adjusting the hairspring collet or, if you have one, a beat correcting lever similar to a regulating lever. I don't know what is causing the intermittent erratic behavior, but I have a hunch that it may be a gear tooth that is having issues, or the watch is overbanking somehow. Start by getting in beat and inspect your escape wheel.
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