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  1. Nice alternative technique, Will try and practice that on a scrap movement. Thank you
  2. Hello, Have someone had experience using sewing needles for recoiling springs? I saw a comment on youtube, his a veteran watchmaker and have been recoiling springs for about 60 years. This was his original post "Thank you for your honesty, only I am nearly 80 years old and have been recoiling balance springs for about 60 years. I don't use tweezers, I use two VERY small sewing needles with the tip of the eye end ground back leaving what looks like a two pronged fork then with the pointed end pushed into a piece of peg wood. These fine eye ends of the needles fit nicely between the coils of the spring with the spring sitting in the forks. It works well for recoiling and flatting the the spring. But you do have to be very calm with steady hands. Good luck." - Keith solloway I think this would be a very interesting topic.
  3. Thank you guys! Thank you for the information, Will add that on my manila tour. @watchweasol May I ask, do you know where to buy staking tool, dumont tweezers, cleaning solution and etc. in manila ?
  4. Glad to be here. I'm new in watch repairing, about 1/2 year of flying springs across the room and scratching bridges and also a lot of hairspring distortion. ~ a lot of hours finding tiny objects on the floor. I'm match in control now. Getting used of my tools. Thank you WRT Regards, Jheric
  5. Hello Guys, sorry for my late reply. I've been busy these past few weeks and forgot to introduce myself. Thank you for the advice. I don't have a staking tool yet that's why I'm looking for an alternative to do the job done. You are right jdm, every pieces of a watch needs a total care. From now on, I will not touch anything till I get the proper tool. Best Regards, Jheric
  6. Hello Gentlemen, May I ask, is there a way to attach a hairspring without using staking set tool. Regards Thank you
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