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  1. I just finished this 1966 Gruen Date Miner. I had three of these movements just sitting in a do to bin. I was waiting on getting a case. I finally found one and now it's back in action. I was able to use me new old LnR master. It is running really good. New service including gaskets, new stem. It is now my favorite for the movement. Thx,
  2. A couple of years ago I found the bug for Timex. I don't know what it is, but I love fixing these watches. This is what started me down the path on just wanting to fix old time pieces. I have expanded into more complex movements and repairs. This was one however will be of my favorite restores. It was a none running one I picked up from a flea market, I restored kept it for a while and then sold it. I am really regretting the selling part.
  3. New Gaskets, glass and battery. and I did put in the chapter ring around the day/date. I am very happy to bring this 78' back to life.
  4. Well here it is now. I repaired the movement new glass. This old watch has had a hard life and it shows. I still need to source a battery door gasket, crystal gasket (reused the old one for now) and correct silver chapter ring around day/date. I left the sweep a tad bent to remind me that all things are not perfect.
  5. Well it turns out that this Seiko infact gets a press in Crystal. I was able to salvage the black flat gasket and order a couple of 1.5mm mineral crystal. Another learning moment for me. Much thanks to all who pointed me in the right direction.
  6. Hello everyone, My name is John but you can call me Jack. I am new the group here and have been a hobbyist repairer for the past 2 + years. I mainly stick with mechanical watches but from time to time I will tinker with old quartz Seiko watches which I love. A current project that I have been trying to get down is a Seiko 4336 8129. This watch has been fighting me from the start. Well the movement was dead due to a broken pivot on the motor. So I sourced a replacement movement. Next Crystal was cracked so I removed the broken glass but can't figure out how to take the top bezel ring off. I have some pics. This poor watch has had a rough life. I was trying to bring it back!! Thank you for reading my tale of woe!!
  7. Hello everyone, I am new here and have been a hobbyist repairer for the past 2 + years. It all started with a $5.00 1925 NY Standard pocket watch that I swore I would get running some day. :-) I am self taught andhave learned a lot from Mark's youtube channel. just love watches and anything mechanical that is time related. Thx, J
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