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    Koen reacted to jdm in New opening tools   
    Here's the new one I was waiting for, I have received it today for $33. Why am writing all this, I have ran into a $20 quartz which was surprising difficult to open, so I've ordered the tool and my initial review here. There are various other similar pivoting ones available, form $15 all-plastic one, to the "King of the Orient", $100+ Seiko S-261.

    Sturdy construction. The reversible blade has two widths, 12 and 16mm, but the prying slot (where present) of some snap-back watches is like 5mm wide. That will be easy to correct, even if a replacement blade is relatively expensive for about $10.
    I think that in theory it could be improved. As it comes, the blade pries down, meaning that case hast to be put dial up and maybe one finger on top of it. Now, I'm sure that it will easily open 99.9% of snap-backs, and even remove stubborn bezels or similar feats, but I had liked it more if there was a way to hold down the case opposite side from the screw, and prying up.
    However the Chinese (or whatever Swiss maker it was copied from) may be right after all. Because in theory, theory and practice are the same thing, but in practice, they aren't.
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    Koen got a reaction from fjseal in Ronda 1113 mechanical movement   
    Therefore, see that you always have a magnetic strip around, to find the small pieces on the ground again.
    And don't forget them to demagnetize afterwords.
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    Koen reacted to clockboy in New opening tools   
    Agree, opening a Rolex (with the correct die) is a must with this tool.
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    Koen reacted to Peterburke340 in New opening tools   
    Best opening tool I ever bought. Expensive but worth every penny

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    Koen got a reaction from jdm in My First Staking Set Advice   
    Received it.. 
    Nice for use as a "press papier" on the workbench. 

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    Koen reacted to Mark in Smoothing versus cutting broaches: Do I need both?   
    Well, A cutting broach will, of course, make the hole larger and so if you wish the hand to still fit the pivot then smoothing broach is the way to go, depends on if you want to remove material or not  but be careful, even though they are smoothing broaches they may still bind in the hole as you turn and you run the risk of breaking the hand.
    To be fair, I have found smoothing broaches useful for clearing out stubborn debris. I remember finding what I suspect was glue in a seconds hand pipe once and couldn't use acetone due to the hand being painted.
    @rduckwor I have merged your "dual post" as it keeps the forum cleaner. Kindly be patient in waiting for other members to respond rather than opening new topics with the same subject matter - many people are on different time-zones - have jobs - or are simply spending time with family  
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    Koen reacted to Mark in current activity level   
    Please be patient - there's a lot of work to do. I will announce when ready for sure!
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    Koen got a reaction from vinn3 in Screwdriver Sharpening   
    But, the picture make sense, so imo I understand why we are doing this.
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    Koen reacted to vinn3 in Screwdriver Sharpening   
    very good drawing.!
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    Koen reacted to vinn3 in Screwdriver Sharpening   
    the wedge shape will distort the screw slot.
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    Koen reacted to vinn3 in Screwdriver Sharpening   
    what would a "flat ground" look like?    it might make the tip too long and weak.   have you ever twisted the tip off a tight screw?  a compromise is hollow grind.  vin
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    Koen reacted to oldhippy in Screwdriver Sharpening   
    Its like this on the left. 

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    Koen got a reaction from jdrichard in Screwdriver Sharpening   
    Well because with hollow screwdrivers, you have more grip the teacher say ( Omega service center ) and les chance to slip away or to damage screws...
    You don't want to damage movements, especially now with open case backs. But thats what we learn the first lesson, I am only the pianist. ;-)
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    Koen reacted to Nucejoe in Started my 3é pocket watch repair...   
    Tighten prongs of a stem vice on the canon pinion, pull out.
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    Koen got a reaction from VWatchie in Would this be a good staking set?   
    For your information...
    Boley is a German supplier of watch stuff and jewelry and the stacking sets they sell are from Star.
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    Koen reacted to jdm in Rodania Chrono Quartz   
    Yes, excessive battery usage is a sign of dried lubrication. Current draw can also be measure with analog multi-meter, to compare with manufacturer specifications. Many quartz modules are more practical and economical to replace than to service. 
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    Koen reacted to jdrichard in Great Tool Stereo Microscope   
    Stereo gives you depth and precision.

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    Koen reacted to jdrichard in Great Tool Stereo Microscope   
    This is x20 magnification. I can get up to x270 mag with an optional eye piece. X70 in current configuration which is great for looking at wheel teeth, jewels and hairsprings. Plus progressive linear zoom from x20 to x70. I love the well made piece of equipment.

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    Koen reacted to oldhippy in having trouble removing watch winder and stem   
    It works extremely well with movements that have seawater in them. Being a watchmaker not far from the seaside I used to get any amount of rusty watch movements to repair.  
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    Koen got a reaction from jdrichard in Made Another Balance Staff   
    Nice job man, don't thing I could do that!
    Your movies helped me a lot with my first 2 pocket watches, lucky they still worked before I take them apart and were compleet.
    The Hebdomas ( still not started with that one ) like you have is missing his bezel, but if I see how you make this small parts, it must be possible for someone to make a bezel to???
    Keep posting movies and pictures.
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    Koen reacted to oldhippy in Made Another Balance Staff   
    Your confidence grows with each success. You should advertise in watch magazines. With your skills, you could make a lot of money. There are very few that have the skill you have. Loads of watch repairers, very few watchmakers.  Nice clear photos too.   
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    Koen reacted to Nutiborskoku in Unknown tool   
    Hi guys,
    I buy a lot of old watchmaker's tools and yesterday I got another 15 kg worth of old treasures
    There's one that I don't recognize though. It looks like a brass plate and it has circles with numbers in them on both sides.
    Does any of you know what this is?

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    Koen reacted to oldhippy in Unknown tool   
    It is for Barrels. Here is a photo of the type I had. The top gaps and bottom are for the width of the m/springs.  

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    Koen reacted to JBerry in Watchmakers Bench Advice- Durston   
    CousinsUK quoted me £250 just for shipping on the Durston bench! So I started looking at other options...
    Just bought this bench on eBay from Germany! Absolutely delighted with the find

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    Koen reacted to Nutiborskoku in Watchmakers Bench Advice- Durston   
    I agree that Dumet isn't the cheapest. It's probably not really suitable for a non-professional watchmaker.
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