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  1. Hello, I use the Bergeon 5700-Z... and I notice some extra work with the standard set. You always have to remove the strap or bracelet to fix the watch in the basic holder. Think they have a optional set so this will help the problem. https://www.boley.de/en/shop/4168.case-holder/510358.case-holder This problem is not present with the standard Horotec tool because of the different standard base and the Horotec is cheaper. Horotec easy case opener press
  2. Hello Guys, Nobody have good connections with Tag Heuer AD or service center? Need a barrel and main spring for a Cal Heuer 01, but not possible to get from TAG Heuer. Thanks!
  3. Therefore, see that you always have a magnetic strip around, to find the small pieces on the ground again. https://www.toolspecialist.be/688-flexible-magnetic-strips-2-150mm-e-magnets-688?___store=be&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIopfQv7We5QIVguR3Ch34KQ4gEAQYECABEgJLvfD_BwE And don't forget them to demagnetize afterwords.
  4. You can also do this... You buy a pocketwatch movement on Ali: https://nl.aliexpress.com/item/32806280705.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.34b54349dQO0ww&algo_pvid=8a7fa33b-2ffe-4516-a3f0-2f99ad850e02&algo_expid=8a7fa33b-2ffe-4516-a3f0-2f99ad850e02-7&btsid=12a0a0d6-6e53-4c43-8884-7dcab98f3717&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_7,searchweb201603_55 It's a ETA clone, and practice on this one... It's a bit bigger than a normal movement. After your done, and when it's still working, you assemble it in a case, and were it proud, you
  5. Received it.. Nice for use as a "press papier" on the workbench.
  6. But, the picture make sense, so imo I understand why we are doing this.
  7. Well this picture say it all! ;-) And when I see this I understand why.
  8. Like I say, I am only the pianist. But hey every body will have there thought about something... Only time will tell my experience... but for now I am a rookie and just follow the pack. ;-) But I can understand the point that hollow blades fit better in the screws and so you wont damage them.
  9. Well because with hollow screwdrivers, you have more grip the teacher say ( Omega service center ) and les chance to slip away or to damage screws... You don't want to damage movements, especially now with open case backs. But thats what we learn the first lesson, I am only the pianist. ;-)
  10. The first thing we do in the watch corse is make all students screwdrivers hollow... ;-)
  11. In school we uses this one, also to make hollow blades on a screw driver. https://www.beco-technic.com/werkzeuge-verbrauchsartikel/schraubendreher/zubehoer-fuer-schraubendreher/schleifwerkzeug-fuer-schraubendreherklingen/schleifwerkzeug-profi-fuer-schraubendreherklingen.html But is very expansive. This one is cheaper, but don't know if you can use it on al screwdrivers from the Bergeon set, because it only have 3 holders. https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/screwdriver-sharpener-tool-horotec But this is wat you really need:
  12. Or I just leave it in place and clean it like this? So I am sure I don't break anything. I also can clean it like this?
  13. So here the 3é one... This one is not working, also a cylindric balance... Oil and grease is dried out. The pinion I can't get off... same as the 1é one... think for this part I need a pinion remover tool? Or is there a other way? Need also to order a second hand, this one is missing.
  14. So guys, I dismantle the watch today... Seems that there is a Miyota FS01 inside? See pictures. Is there a cheap Chinese clone for that? ;-) New they are 21 euro + VAT Some small differences, but think thats the date position that is different? Mvt. Miyota FS01 10 1/2''' SC DATE4 CHRONO PARALLEL PUSH BUTTON 24H SEC MIN Quartz(377) or Mvt. Miyota FS01 10 1/2''' SC DATE6 CHRONO PARALLEL PUSH BUTTON 24H SEC MIN Quartz(377) or Mvt. Miyota FS01 10 1/2''' SC DATE3 CHRONO PARALLEL PUSH BUTTON 24H SEC MIN
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