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  1. Sorry I put my question in the wrong topic, but din'd want to start a new one, because it's all about timegraphers. Thank you sir for being worried with me, but let me tell you a story. You can go to a DIY store for a screwdriver and buy one for 1 euro, because you think it do what it's need to do, turning screws in and out, next mond it's broken and you buy a new one of 1 euro and so on. After one year, you are tired and buy one of 10 euro. ( So now you have one (good) screwdriver and payed 22 euro total) In real life, my principe is to buy not the most expansive one, but also not the cheapest one. ( This since I am 20 years old ) Few years ago, I did not follow my principe for one time... Wanted to buy a scooter to take with me in the RV, I only use the scooter for 2 weeks so I buyed a 2000 euro cheap one... after 2 weeks I notice it's not the quality I was expecting, sold it after those 2 weeks for a 1000 euro and buyed me a Honda of 2800 euro. ( So my scooter costed me 3800 euro ) My principe brought me in life were I am today, 47 years old, and only once didn't follow it and it costed me money and I feel sorry for that time. And it's not because you don't need the functions now, that you don't use them in a few years. So thanks for your advice, but I only want to know what people think of the machine, and if there is a better alternative in the same price-range. Thank you for thinking with me... The Witschi Watch expert is 2850 euro + VAT ( don't pay the VAT! ) ( So 1000 euro more than the Chrono Touch ) The Chronomaster is about 2050 euro + VAT but you need a computer also. Thanks for thinking with me.
  2. How to make your choice when you want to buy / order a staking set? I see that there are many different sets, with a big variation in price... So what to look for? Thanks.
  3. Hello, Online you have to be with @Mark then you are on the right place. I do it in a school, at evening.
  4. Welcome... New here as well, watch collector that is going to start with a course for repairing watches. Like Croatia! Plitviche lakes and Rovinj...
  5. Looking also for a timegrapher... What are your opinions about this one? ( Not cheap ) I think it's a good one, it's professional I know, but like I said before, you never know you want to make some money later with the watch business, so I like to buy from the start good materials. Thanks! https://www.beco-technic.com/geraete-maschinen/uhrenpruefgeraete-kontrollgeraete/geraete-zur-pruefung-von-uhren/zeitwaage-chrono-touch-inkl-mikrophone-mp12-fuer-mechanische-uhren.html https://www.beco-technic.com/media/pdf/218935_en.pdf
  6. Thank you all for the advice... So no cleaning machine. But still need to spend my budget for the end of the year... if not, government is taking it and spend it for me...
  7. Or this one is cheaper... ;-) https://www.beco-technic.com/geraete-maschinen/uhrenpruefgeraete-kontrollgeraete/geraete-zur-pruefung-von-uhren/zeitwaage-chrono-touch-inkl-mikrophone-mp12-fuer-mechanische-uhren.html
  8. Hey jdm, Thanks for your good advice. Need to make some cost for my firm this year, so thats why I was thinking to buy it... And maybe later I make from my hobby a bit of an income, so good material is always a +. Also looking for this timegrapher: https://www.beco-technic.com/geraete-maschinen/uhrenpruefgeraete-kontrollgeraete/geraete-zur-pruefung-von-uhren/witschi-watch-expert-pruefgeraet-fuer-mechanische-uhren.html Maybe to much for a starter... but hey YOLO. What watertester do you recommend? With water or vacuum? https://www.beco-technic.com/geraete-maschinen/uhrenpruefgeraete-kontrollgeraete/geraete-zur-pruefung-der-wasserdichtheit.html The ultrasonic cleaner I already have here... Use it for the jewelry of my wife.
  9. Thanks jdm... Think I just going to order this machine and the right products: https://www.beco-technic.com/geraete-maschinen/uhrenreinigungsmaschinen/rotations-gegenstromverfahren/elmasolvex-se-reinigungsmaschine-fuer-uhren-230-v.html
  10. Thanks jdm. I read this post, but on the end, I din't see it any more. English is not my normal language, and all different things were recommended. I don't mean lighter fluid, in my country we call it "wasbenzine" let's say "cleaning fuel"... ;-) But here I can find different products I can use, to many to choose off: https://www.beco-technic.com/werkzeuge-verbrauchsartikel/reinigungsprodukte/fluessigkeiten-zum-reinigen/fuer-uhren.html
  11. Hello, Wan't to start on my first pocket watch movement for a try out... Planning on buying a Elma cleaning machine later this year, but for now I will do it manually. Do I understand it right, that you put the parts in jars with 100% lighter fluid ( except pallets ) close the jar and put the jar in to the water in the ultrasonic? ( And then run as far as you can? )
  12. I just find this website... Maybe you guys know it already, if not, enjoy. https://watchbase.com
  13. Thank you all for the information... @Watchweasol, pdf is secured with pasword?
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