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    learning to look after my small collection of old watches.

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  1. Hi thanks for your replies I will look on BHI and Locally. many thanks Austin
  2. Hi All I have a Longines watch with 30L movement. it was running very fast so I tried de-magnetising but made no difference. I have avoided "fixing " it myself for a while but then decided to take out the balance to see if I could see any problem with the spring. Now of course it does not run at all. I think the pivots may have broken off the balance staff but that is just my guess. Can anyone recommend a good watchmaker/ repairer in the Manchester (UK) area? thanks in anticipation.
  3. have been wearing this recent acquisition for the last week. It ha san ETA2878 automatic movement and keeps great time. Unfortunately I struggle to see the hands when the light fades.
  4. Hi there I have been collecting old mechanical watches for a couple of years and have been following the youtube video tutorials on repairs and maintenance. I have had some success with dismantling and reassembling watches but I have also had occasions where my meddling has led to disaster. I have bought job lots of old watches to practice on and hope to improve my skills in time. My particular ability lies in being able to turn a hairspring into a knotted ball of wire. Hope to learn more. Thanks
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