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  1. I have a new project, a Seiko 45899 Tokyo Olympic First Chronograph. It is just like the 5719-8990 except is has a different back design and a plastic rotating bezel. My problem is that the bezel is broken in half and the replacement costs approx. $175. Since I am keeping the watch and it is not for sale I cannot justify the price. I need to know if anyone has any success with repairing a plastic bezel and what they used. I have tried 2 types of superglue and watch crystal adhesive. None worked. You can see the breaks at the 58 minute and the 29 minute markers. Please excuse the hair. I would be open to purchasing one if someone has one. Please PM me as sales are not allowed in the public forum. Thanks.
  2. Hi, did you try turning the screw in the opposite direction. Some watches have that particular screw left threaded to avoid loosening when winding.
  3. Looking at your hairspring I think it has slipped in the stud as it is sticking out way to far from the stud. I have had this happen on one of my pocket watches and it makes timing almost impossible. Slide the hairspring so only a small amount is sticking out of the stud and see what happens. If you have never done this before, it is easy. Just tap the taper pin loose and slide the spring back and reinsert the pin.
  4. What are the damages you want repaired? Is it case or movement? If you just need cleaning and lube of the movement there are many people out there that can do the job.
  5. I am sorry if this upsets some people but I am curious. Does it bother you when you buy a high end watch (Omega, Tag Heuer, etc) just to find out it has a movement you could get in a lower priced watch? What is more important to you, the name, or the quality of the watch? If I get the same movement in an Invicta why but a Tag?
  6. Thanks for your kind words Mark. Perhaps I was a little sensitive, I have that problem. I try to control it but sometimes it get away from me. I guess I thought that since my posting was directed to a single individual its wouldn't be a problem. But it was in a public forum so I see the problem. I'll reread the forum rules again to refresh myself on what is and what isn't allowed. Thank You Michael
  7. I made a posting in this forum and made a mistake. I thought a case is part of a watch but I was mistaken. I will have to search another place for help repairing my watches. You have a very nice group and forum here and I wish all of you the best. I will leave the group so I will not make this mistake again. Goodbye
  8. I am interested in the case. Can you post some pictures and your price for the case.
  9. Here is another option for you. Dakota Watch makes a REQ charger for $50 that will work charging Seiko kinetics. I have one I use that works well. You just have to turn the watch a little from center to charge. https://www.dakotawatch.com/index.php/req-charging-stand.html
  10. Here is the complete service manual for your movement. I have one I repaired and it isn't as difficult as it appears. Just take it slow and remember where everything goes. The manual helps to https://www.thewatchsite.com/files/Casing Guide/16. 4006A.pdf
  11. I currently have 3 Landeron 48 movements without cases that are working and I need cases for them. I have searched ebay and the only cases I can find cost more than the movements. Does anyone know of a source for used cases? I don't care if they are in great condition as long as they are complete or just missing the crystal. Like many of you, I do this as a hobby and don't have a lot of money to invest. So I need them to be as affordable as possible. Thanks for any info.
  12. If you just want a movement to practice with I would suggest you purchase a Chinese clone movement. They are almost identical in construction and don't cost a fortune if you accidentally break something.
  13. I found a site showing watches that are currently using that movement. https://watchbase.com/eta/caliber/6497-1 Did you need a movement or just looking to buy a watch with that movement? You can always build a watch with that movement quite easily. Mark has a video online that will show you how to do it.
  14. Have you tried watchwatchwatch-uk on ebay? I have purchased from them and the quality and prices are very fair. They are one of the few dealers that has XXXL bands. http://www.ebaystores.com/watchwatchwatchsuperstore Sorry the prices are in dollars, I am in the U.S..
  15. Hello everyone. Another new person joins the group (me). Found this forum while looking for a safe way to clean a vintage watch dial. I have watched all of Marc's videos in the past and didn't realize he had a forum as well or I would have joined earlier. I have been repairing pocket and wrist watches for a couple of years now and it's a hobby that keeps me busy. I try find different types of movements and complications to work on so I have something different every time. I started with pocket watches and worked my way to wrist watches as I gained confidence in my abilities. There is still a lot I don't know, but I am learning. And I thank Mark for teaching me without even knowing I was there watching his videos. My two latest projects are a Waltham 18 size P.S. Bartlett pocket watch, that needs a new fourth wheel pinion and a Landeron 48 chronograph I just purchased that I hope only needs a good cleaning and oiling. Thanks for being there guys with your advise. There a lot of us who need it.
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