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  1. Update: new to Illustrator but have managed this so far. Some adjustments to do . Obviously the 5 mins will be removed before printed, used a s a guide.
  2. Looking for anyone who may have made a Template for a Citizen New Master 21 Jewels Watch. Old Dial in poor condition and can not seem to source one, so thought i would try to redo this one re-silver and decal/
  3. Only a beginner but DoctorHermit has the answer, compare link HSL sent, and you will see, lever wrong side of pin. But possibly you have sorted now.
  4. Always wondered what they used long time ago before all these modern oils? The expensive of some areincredibly high.
  5. Brilliant !. Not that i can afford a Lathe at present, or wether i could even do such a task, but the satisfaction of doing such a perfect job, must be very pleasing. With hard to impossible to find staffs, for older watches, its the perfect part of learning.
  6. Thats the pallet fork. Should be holes for the pivots. As said send a picture
  7. Will agree with the cheap ones, they are terrible. Thanks for answer
  8. Always wondered if these Apps were any good? Have tried a few but some never detected and others hit and miss.
  9. Oldhippy what movement holder do you use? As a beginner always nice to know tools and tecniques.
  10. Nice stuff, i was wanting to do the same but in Brass, but very expensive for machines.
  11. As a beginner always photo or film the dismantle as much as possible. That's the way i started. Get a parts tray and put sections in different compartments
  12. Amateur Horologist, hoping to advance on skills, and when money allows, buy needed equipment, such as staking set etc.
  13. Dating them is hard as little information on the makers. Obviously if case is silver can date the hallmark, for a rough year. What information do u have on the watch.
  14. Hope in right section. I was wondering what they use to to do the dial markings? the lines are so fine. Mainly i am concerning Pocket Watches, and what is the best ink/paint etc to use and how or what to use to do the fine lines?. In the older days they never had the equipment of nowadays. Any help would be great
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