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  1. You carefully lever it off, minding not to damage the hairspring. They are not particularly tight. Levers like for removing watch hands. I have used stanley knife blades before, just go under the hairspring and gently prise it off. Remember to mark where the end of the hairspring sits for alignment refitting it, or it will be out of beat.
  2. Come up nice, we all get a screw up at some time in our learning.
  3. I can not see it being that old. Pendulum does not look that old along with other parts. Certainly been restored. Not sure how the note came with it? Maybe look for those names is it possible it is not a date?.
  4. Never give up put it down for a while, come back tomorrow, when brain is calmer. I have done same with assembling watches, one thing will not work and get so frustrated nearly ends in bin! Lol. Next day everything seems so much better.
  5. Always wondered how much it actually costs to make a Rolex or any other Expensive Brand. I know you pay Thousands for such Watches, but in Reality i wonder how much was to be built?
  6. I use a 3.5x, obviously 10x is good for checking parts. I use Cousins clip on as i need Glasses for Reading etc. As said lighting is very important, surprising how things look so much easier. But we all have our own ways, and techniques, so best to find what your most comfy with.
  7. I agree with the Pain in the ? , not great movements. But last 2 i did the plate went on straight away! Must have been pure luck, as usually a struggle. Mine were scrappies for practising, one has a broken pinion on the Balance, but not having the tools to sort it got put back in scrap, just not worth spending on.
  8. Interesting, but rare having to do dial feet. Soldering iron does job.
  9. Some rolex fakes work ok, and as 4 years thats good. Sounds like a good service and will go again. Problem is getting people to do it, most shudder at fakes, and a lot of shops will not want to touch it. Think it be past my level of learning, but hope someone helps. Even though real rolexes are a bit better quality, their prices are extortionate to say the least ( no doubt will get slapped for saying this lol )
  10. Losing parts is standard practice when beginning, sure many will agree. I have never washed screws, but would if really bad. Worst is the pinging the part across the room! Want to get a lathe myself, hoping someone i know will get rid of his cheap.
  11. Obviously with Watches getting finer and more advanced, old oils would not work. But as no Whales where i live will have to use Mobeius etc lol. But interesting to know what they used, and who thought of the idea?
  12. With so many watch oils available nowadays, with different ones for different parts of the workings, i have always wondered, what did they use years ago?. You see Clocks and Watches, still working sometimes, and obviously never had such advanced oils.
  13. Glad you have it going. I had same problem cleaned the jewels without removal and did no difference. Had to remove them and clean properly, that worked. Just shows how sensitive the Balance is. I use alcohol too, well the 99% isapropyl, the other in Bottle is for de-stressing
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