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  1. Thank you, and sure... first I used cotton buds to very gently wipe dirt off the dial face. Then, for the metal hour markers at 12,3,6,9 a little simichrome was used with a cotton bud. I had to be super gentle through the process.
  2. lol, yes, but it was too late! I didn’t have a wonder and wasn’t ready to wait several weeks for one to arrive (I live in India). So, this time won’t be best practice
  3. I managed to put the mainspring back by hand, and started assembling the watch...
  4. I am quite satisfied with the results - it was easy enough Thanks for all the suggestions
  5. Yes that would be wisest. I got this off eBay for a decent price - cheap enough to not hurt too bad if I mess it up, but at the same time nice enough to care about actually succeeding. You know what I mean?
  6. Thanks guys, I’ll check after putting it back. I’m waiting on some supplies before I do. I’ll keep you posted!
  7. This is my first attempt at restoring a watch. I am wondering if the hairspring is OK or whether I should risk tuning it. See pics for a little spot that might be bent out of shape. Thanks for helping!
  8. Thanks for replying. What is a foam applicator?
  9. Thank you! it seems as if the hands were painted on from the back so that a layer of paint would just fill the gap and this way the finish from the front looks perfect
  10. Argh, this will set me back a few! Thanks for responding so promptly
  11. I am restoring a Seamaster that has black paint on its minute and hour hands. It is starting to chip off though and I’d like to refresh it. Can I use testors modelling paint for this and are there any tips you could share? Thank you!
  12. Hey, I am restoring my first watch - a Seamaster from the 1970s. I was wondering, do I really need that machine to press fit the glass back in or will my fingers or some other trick do fine for now? Thanks!
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