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  1. Hello, I'm one of the people who made the mistake of mixing up top & bottom endstones. I read in this forum that generally, they are different sizes. Thankfully I did not break the Incabloc springs. But I'm curious, what are your experience chatons? Are also different size for top & bottom, or are they usually the same?
  2. Some updates, I measured the mainspring barrel of a 6498 and it's 16mm. I also tried loading a 10mm mainspring on an undersized winder, it did not load fully. So I answered my own question hehe. thanks.
  3. Hello, I just bought these K&D 123 mainspring winders (set of 3). I'm currently practicing on Chinese skeleton movements. I also just finished the Level 2 course. So I'm curious, is it possible to use this on the 6498? I was told by the buyer that he has not tried it on the 6498 as it's a pocket watch movement. But what would happen if I use the biggest (11mm) winder? Will it damage the mainspring, or will it just not load in the winder entirely? Thanks
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