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  1. I am only a beginner and have not serviced many different caliber but those, that I have, I did it for several times. 6497/8 and a seiko nh35a, this last one a broke a barrel tooth and still waiting for a replacement. For the 2824, I've been using chinese copies before I service a tissot with a 2824 that I own. Here I already destroyed a Balance ( I don't think it was my fault. The quality of this movement is really miserable. Costs about 25,00€), lost a click spring e broke a escape wheel pivot in the watch cleaning machine. But now I can assemble and disassemble everything with my eyes closed. Where I still have a lot of problems is with the Balance Jewels and oiling the escapement. My readings for rate and amplitude are always ridiculous. It starts with +75, then I clean the jewels and replace them. Then a have a -50, after that I oil the escapement and achieve +20. Then I disassemble the balance, clean it and do it all over again. After 5 hours I get some acceptable results. And this happens sadly everytime....
  2. I was going crazy with the same matter. I took everything apart twice. I could set the time and change the calendar but not wind it. In the end it was just a very little tiny thing. The yoke "tail"was not attached to the spring.
  3. Ok, let's change the question, so it doesn't look so dumb. What could I use to clean it?
  4. Does anybody know if I can use the Watch cleaning machine and these solutions to clean 18K gold jewellery?
  5. I could've also had bought them on ebay but would have been a bit more expensive. Something around 15€ in total.
  6. I've ordered them at Ali Express. Here you've got case, hands, dial and strap.
  7. Why would I do that? I just bought it brand new
  8. Works perfectly. All jars and 2 sets of baskets. Paid 150€ on ebay
  9. I also have an old Elma, which I got at an Ebay Auction. I use the machine to clean the movements. I bought the fluids from elma. 1st Jar for a cleaning solution and the 2 others for the rinse. The parts come out if the machine really clean and shinning. Its beautiful! I'll try to post a pic tomorrow.
  10. So, I tried something to clean case an bracelet and it worked really well. Plain water, detergent and corega tabs . Soaked two days and you can see the the result laying on the bottom.
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