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  1. That's really useful John, thanks very much. I wondered if such a resource existed. Andrew
  2. Thanks very much for your help. I'll have a sift through possibilities.
  3. Hello, I recently bought a Seiko 8123-8000 quartz watch and, on inspection, I suspect that the coil is broken (looks frayed in places). I've looked for a replacement (4002 755) on Cousins, but they list it as obsolete (I wish they'd give a bit more detail!). I've looked at similar movements, but, so far, they use the same coil. My questions are, how critical it is to use the exact, same coil? How would I find an alternative? What values should I look to match with a replacement? Obviously, the new coil would need to be the same physical size. Any help with this would b
  4. I started collecting pocket watches, but have also been collecting wrist watches of late. I don't have much experience of watch repair, but I've always been mechanically-minded - love to see how things work and maintain them where possible. I guess I'll be asking for help, but, if I can, I will look to help others where I can.
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