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    rogart63 got a reaction from Endeavor in Repairing in the UK   
    Wouldn't it be great if you could clone a watch repairer
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    rogart63 reacted to Muligans in My hobby is about to get 10% more expensive   
    God damn Postnord.. not only do they loose half the packages they charge so much fee's for nothing!!
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    rogart63 reacted to chadders1966 in Brexit and cousinsuk ?   
    No one can say what will happen for sure, but probably if you buy from Cousins (or other British companies) at the moment as a private individual from an EU country you pay the VAT at the point of purchase and nothing is owed on receipt. In future it might be that you will pay the cost without VAT and therefore owe the VAT in your own country on receipt.
    I don't know how it works in Sweden but in the UK that means the carrier will then collect the VAT from you plus charge a handling fee on top if it is above the VAT exempt allowance (£15 in UK). As wls1971 said customs and duty taxes are minimal or non existent on small purchases.
    Most UK carriers seem to charge a minimum of £8 handling fee, so it will make all purchases, particularly small ones, more expensive either from UK to EU or EU to UK. Let's hope some sort of deal is made, but I wouldn't count on it.
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    rogart63 reacted to oldhippy in Brexit and cousinsuk ?   
    I think you will have to wait for the answer until the final deal has been negotiated. The media here is so full of what if we do or don’t regarding import, export tax and a whole host of things. At the moment, it’s a minefield.  

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    rogart63 reacted to Endeavor in My hobby is about to get 10% more expensive   
    Here in Denmark, any item which is bought outside the EU with a value equal or greater than 80 DKK (€11, $12.50 or £9.65) and enters the country by post, if caught, will be charged with 25% VAT + registration cost. (https://skat.dk/skat.aspx?oid=2245294&ik_navn=subtree)
    I was caught with a little $12.50 item out of China and received a letter saying that the parcel was held by the post / customs. They would release it as soon as I transferred the "ransom" of 20 DKK import duty and 160 DKK "registration"-cost; in total 180 DKK ($28 or £21.70). If not, they would destroy the parcel in two months time. Needles to say, the parcel was destroyed.
    Parcels from the US are (nearly) always caught. eBay adds already automatically the import duties on items bought in the US, slowly adding from other outside EU countries.
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    rogart63 reacted to Mark in Trolls, Spammers & One-timers.....   
    Yes. I've done the same if I'm to be honest.

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    rogart63 reacted to JerseyMo in Trolls, Spammers & One-timers.....   
    I started to write many different replies and just could not find the correct words.  But, the one  thing that this thread brought to mind was how I got started.   Which was by asking a question on an internet forum.  Maybe I should have never asked that damn question
    one watch turned into thousands!  
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    rogart63 reacted to clockboy in Opinion on Longines watch   
    Personally I would leave it as it is.
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    rogart63 reacted to WatchMaker in Opinion on Longines watch   
    If you do a google image search for, say, 'Longines 1920s cushion watch' it appears that a large array of different hand shapes were used for this style of watch. Difficult to therefore say what's original or best so this may come down to personal preference! Skimming through these images I did note this ... https://www.watchpatrol.net/listing/582719/ ... which is very similar to yours and uses the Breguet style for both hands. I reckon this looks pretty nice! 
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    rogart63 reacted to Nucejoe in Opinion on Longines watch   
    I would consider the condition of the rest of the watch, if dial looks excellent , feet and overall good dial. That gets 60 % of the passing grade, next is how shiny is the movement is   there max grade is 30% , the remainng 10% belngs to the case presumably SS.and the rest.
    I would invisig  the reconditioned product , expenses and worth.If it is got potetials to be recnditioned and is worth it I would pay for good hands too.
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    rogart63 got a reaction from VWatchie in Stem loose, but could this be a scam?   
    Maybe not a fake watch. But does looks like it's badly made. i should say it's junk and i am sorry for your friend that he paid that kind of money for that. Bye him a nice vintage watch from Tradera and  service it for him instead. 
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    rogart63 reacted to wilding in Hello all old (hour/minute/second)hands - this is me the new(est) guy!   
    Hello to all of you out there!
    So, the moderator asked me to do some intros to myself. Here they are.
    I'm just getting properly into watch repairs and slowly building my kit and various bags of to-be-fixed watches.
    So far, I'm sticking to quartz watches. Actually I have a few books on repairing mechanical watches, but it is scary stuff! Maybe I just need to explore more.
    I'm certainly NOT a pro, but a home-repairing amateur.
    I have fixed quite a few already, but also killed some watches in the process. Hey, that's part of learning - right?
    So, I guess that's all for now.
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    rogart63 got a reaction from Cmmb8519 in Seiko 4006 - Bell Matic   
    You could probably take that bushing from any old Seiko movement that have that kind of metal bushing. Like the 6309 . Have done it more then once. 
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    rogart63 reacted to arkobugg in Omega 1315 Or Really Is A Tissot Adjustment Trouble   
    Hello  rogart63 !!
    Is all good with you?  The Pouge is going like a Seiko, thanks a million for greate work...
    Did you manage to get the motor module to work??    I have just got on just like this one, into my workshop.  So just wanted to hear what happende in the end....
    Best from me...  
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    rogart63 reacted to mikepilk in Omega 613 low amplitude solved. Don't forget to check this jewel is you have low amplitude !   
    Not a question, but I thought I'd post this for general info.
    I was really struggling to get the amplitude above 190 deg on an Omega cal 613. 
    I'd fitted a new mainspring, and all the pivots looked straight and clean.
    Gear train running freely, barrel arbor not sticking, no loose jewels, and jewels looked good under the microscope. Hmmm
     I always have a good look at the jewels to make sure they are clean and not broken, but have never bothered checking one area - inside the Incabloc hole jewel.
    The cap jewel and top of the hole jewel looked good, but it was only when I looked underneath I found the problem. 
    I don't know what the black bits are. They had been cleaned twice in my ultrasonic in lighter fluid, then IPA. Obviously not enough,  not easy to get a brush in there.
    I put in new jewels and now have 275-280 deg amplitude 
    Another item for the check list !

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    rogart63 reacted to margolisd in Tool porn!   
    This beauty arrived today. My first jeweling tool. So excited  

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    rogart63 got a reaction from DouglasSkinner in Lubricants   
    Think you can use this . 
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    rogart63 reacted to StuartBaker104 in More Links On Extendable Strap?   
    Some of these can be adjusted by removing links, but not sure about this one. However, even if it is adjustable you will be hard pressed to find the right links. It is an aftermarket strap, not the original.
    These type of straps come up on ebay quite often, but much easier to buy a nice new leater strap...
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    rogart63 got a reaction from Nucejoe in What are these tools for?   
    That is watchmakers anvil. Used for many different things. 
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    rogart63 got a reaction from VWatchie in ETA 1080 "cap jewels" oiling help needed   
    It's a pain in the ... to put back  the hairspring on this incastar . Easier to remove . If you need to  replace the balance. 
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    rogart63 got a reaction from rodabod in Dirty Dozen Vertex   
    Update on this . Bought a new mainspring after Ranfft numbers and now it's running much better . The new spring is 0,10 thick. Measured the old when i removed it and that was 0,12 . So it was to strong for the job. 
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    rogart63 reacted to manodeoro in HELP NEEDED FOR SOURCING A SPECIFIC HANDSET   
    thank you for that lnk rogart63  I'm not 100% certain it will work but I can take ly chance
    -Hour hand : 1.50/10 (longer than the required 7.65)
    - Minute hand : 0.90/15 (longer than the required 12.70)
    I can cut them squared to the right shape and right overall length.
    If I'm lucky the lume opening will be long enough and close to the end.
    If I'm not lucky ... that set is only €6.73 shipped to EU so I wont lose too much money
    Nevertheless, before ordering, this WE I will try to rework a cheap DJ style handset I have in my drawer.
    The idea is to stick both hand on a wood block with non permanent glue and try to lengthen the lume openings with a dremel and a 0.6mm diamond disk   
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    rogart63 reacted to manodeoro in HELP NEEDED FOR SOURCING A SPECIFIC HANDSET   
    Hello  rogart63.
    Thanks for searching  your drawers for a possibly matching handset.
    I have checked cousinsuk website with no succes, then email them and they say "sorry"  so no chance this way.
    About Ofrei ... they didn't even bothered to answer my information request about the length of their handset (I asked if they are  measured from the center of the hole or if they are overall lenghts).
    The only way I can imagine to get that handset at a "normal" price would be if a US member, already ordering some parts from Ofrei, would add it to his order then send it to me in an enveloppe at the cheapest shipping fee, risk on me of course.
    I would be glad to pay  in advance for that if someone would agree to do that.
    This WE I will try to rework the cheap handset I have to lengthen the lume openings.
    I will probably ruin them but we never knows ... if I'm handy enough 
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    rogart63 got a reaction from Omar in Chronograph not keeping good time   
    Think it could be as Melt say. It's probably the chronograph wheel. It's nothing you can do except to replace or live with it. Either run the chronograph all the time and adjust the watch so it runs good. That is the best for the wheel as it doesn't slip in the clutch. Or let it be as is and when i break find a new wheel. They are superhard to find . 
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    rogart63 reacted to Geo in Is this to far gone?   
    Wow, it looks like the surface of the moon.  By "too far gone" I assume you mean regarding refinishing and not just use.  Personally I would be a bit reluctant to try and buff our the pitting unless you measure the case thickness and depth of the worst pit mark.