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    rogart63 reacted to Barnaby in Seiko 6139 pusher and case tube problem   
    Sorry I didn't understand you the first time- yes that would be great! I do have the dimensions, I'll post them shortly.
    I have tried heating it, freezing it, ultrasonicing it, bicarbonate of soda, vinegar, phosphoric acid, super glue, a massager (yes a massager)...
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    rogart63 reacted to RyMoeller in Seiko 6139 pusher and case tube problem   
    Ah okay- I second look at the diagram shows the holding ring securing the pusher.
    As you've probably guessed - I haven't fiddled with a 6139... yet.
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    rogart63 reacted to arkobugg in Doxa 300T Casetube   
    Thanks for al help pal.... I will check out the CWC diver tube and crown, I have a crown though, but I was hoping that I might find one original, but that seems long fetched maybe... like he T-Rex...  he he ...  How is things in Sweden??   Are the still winter or??
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    rogart63 got a reaction from jringo8769 in Doxa 300T Casetube   
    Should be like finding a  living T-rex i guess .  The casetube could work from cousinsuk . They often have ones that works. As for the CWC diver. But finding a doxa crown? ?? 
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    rogart63 got a reaction from jringo8769 in Doxa 300T Casetube   
    You could probably use a generic crown and tube from Cousinsuk if  it's not important to have a Doxa crown.  You will have to remove the crystal to see how it looks. If it's a normal flat mineral crystal or if it has a special shape. 
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    rogart63 reacted to arkobugg in Doxa 300T Casetube   
    Hello Rogart63,
    I need an original casetube and crown, that is why I have asked here..I know that CousinUK and other have non original tubes and crown.
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    rogart63 reacted to jdrichard in Problem Removing Movement   
    You and old hippy wine the prize. It was a two stem watch and when I aligned to hike upward, I was able to lever the movement and with a pull it came out. I think Old Hippy also had the right technique, I was just a bit reluctant to pull on the crown.With no crystal.

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    rogart63 reacted to jaycey in Seiko 7T27 Movement Or Circuit Board?   
    Got the new movement today and the good news was, it is a direct swap, just had to swap the datewheels as the new movement had a white datewheel and the Seiko Gen 2 has a black one. Simple enough to do. Swapped the 7T27 battery plate over with the original Seiko markings too
    All back together and working great!

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    rogart63 reacted to saswatch88 in A couple of questions regarding removing stem/crown and chrono hand   
    you have to hold the reset button because when the button is depressed and held, the hammer is pinned up against the chrono wheel hearts thus holding the reset at exact zero while placing chrono hand on. if you dont do this your reset will most likely not reset to zero. also never did a reset on a 7750 but i have done it multiple times on seikos. I know seiko 6138-6139 for example has a faceted (D shape) chrono wheel pinion, so if you place the second hand down and its wrong, you will have to remove the hand and broach the hole or again, it will never reset to exact zero, and you only get 1 or 2 tries before you cant broach anymore and then your looking at a new second hand. I have a specific movement holder made for reseting seiko chronos, and i they are available for the 7750.
    also those pullers you pictured are for curved dial you need the 30637-2, or bergeon does have and hand remover specifically for chronographs (5060) and its only a few dollars more than the 306 series pullers.
    as far as turning movement over to remove crown you can get a movement holder specifically made for that movement, or get the bergeon 4040 however esllinger has one pretty much exactly the same for half the price. when you reverse the dial place a little ball of rodico on each point of the movement holder that will make contact with the dial. Or you make your own out of a block of wood, you can even have someone 3d print one for you. I make my own movement holders esp for my chronos so i can reset them, i takes measurements and build them in a 3d program then 3d print them.
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    rogart63 reacted to AP1875 in A couple of questions regarding removing stem/crown and chrono hand   
    Hi Rogart, that’s very interesting thanks.

    I am getting to grips with the 7750 and I also have a clone 4130 movement.

    I was also wondering why you hold the reset button down?

    Everyday is a school day here

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    rogart63 reacted to Mark1963 in Breitling pluton movement change?   
    I like that
    i really need your help to repair my dad Chronosport UDT type 1  (wich share the same case & movement)
    I send you a pm
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    rogart63 got a reaction from Arthurliu82 in Landeron 48 reset problem - stumped!   
    Have you changed any parts? I have noticed that some parts are different even if they are Landeron 48 .  I had the same problem but can't remember what is did to fix it? Maybe a screw in the wrong place? 
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    rogart63 got a reaction from VWatchie in Take of the cap of the juvels   
    I use Rodico if i can't get it of . But once in a while it won't come of i use some tape and that usually works. It's stickier the Rodico . 
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    rogart63 reacted to Nucejoe in Take of the cap of the juvels   
    No cleaning at all !!!?? Refer to my incomplete thread  titled" tips on safe removal cleaning installation of fidly cab stones
    To clean end stone's flat surface, place a piece of cardboard or thick paper with honey comb rough surface on a flat anvil or flat surface, place end stone flat surface on top of the paper, pour some lighter fluid on paper, hold cab stone down with finger and rub the stone on wet surface, press down on stone  as hard as you like, you will be surprised how shiny the flat surface of stone turns out.
    Some tiny pieces of the cardboard aggregates around the stone which may not be visible at regulare magnification, to rinse that off , drop the stone in lighter fluid, remove stone with a clean tea spoon or tools you like.ready to be oiled.
    Pegging the holes in jewels is beyound 
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    rogart63 reacted to Nucejoe in Take of the cap of the juvels   
    In case the stone dosn,t come off, I drop the whole jewels assembly in a jar add little lighter fluid or  any fluid in which oil disloves, close the lid and rotate the jar to get the fluid circle few turns around, the cab comes off from chaton.
    I use dark color jars( ladies makeup jars)  which lets me see the cab in contrast.
    In extreme case of a real stubburn end stone, I use balance with one broken pivot.
    Insert the good pivot through the holes of chaton and that of the jewel, flip over to place the end stone on cardboard, press the pivot to push the end stone out and released from chaton.
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    rogart63 reacted to jdrichard in Made New Balance Staff For 16S Elgin PW   
    Had to make a balance staff for an Elgin 16S Pocket watch. Used the old on as a sample and cut 90% of the staff without flipping it around. The pivots were 0.12mm and I needed to use the Jacot tool to remove material from the pivots for the final fit. As well, I shaved too much material off the hairspring side and needed to reduce the size of the collet with my staking set. Also needed to adjust the hairspring as it moved when I compressed the hairspring. Photos and video(hairspring collet reduction)

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    rogart63 reacted to bsoderling in Unitas 6310 variations ?   
    Hi and thanks for the feedback!

    Rogart, if you should stumble on something in your drawers, please get in touch. Maybe we can work something out?

    Generally I find these issues of finding parts that works across versions troubling. There are so many if’s and but’s and I don’t like the feeling when ordering a bunch of parts that sum up to several times more than what I paid for the watch in the first place and possibly finding out they won’t actually fit.

    One of these things is the N extension that HSL mentions. I have seen the same thing from other manufacturers. First I thought this related to the intro of inca but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Ranfft is just hinting that this has to do with ”modified design to balance and staff” but nothing regarding consequences and compatibility across versions.

    My best bet is probably to hunt for a replacement or donor movement. As long as I find a working one from the same basic family I hope it will fit the dial and case I have?

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    rogart63 got a reaction from Mark1963 in Breitling pluton movement change?   
    Working again . Crystal is not aligned? But that is not anything i will do anything about. And i am not going to work on this kind of watches again. Pain in the .... 
    The movement had a special locking screw that i couldn't transfer from the old to the new. But i works good when i crank down the case back. 
    I will loctite the pushers when i see that the watch works okay. 

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    rogart63 got a reaction from Blubarb in hands when in place are stopping the wheel train?   
    Well spotted. 
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    rogart63 reacted to yankeedog in hands when in place are stopping the wheel train?   
    You have a sub second hand..is it my imagination or does that post look bent.
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    rogart63 reacted to Nucejoe in hands when in place are stopping the wheel train?   
    While at it , Check for worn out center hole, how about end and side shake on center wheels arbor? Runs real freely if center hole is worn out. A close up of center hole with canon pinion removed.
    Now that yankee said it, subsecond arbor appears bent to me too. Good time to check for bent subsecond is before fork is installed, when you can run gears fast.
    Any washer under dial is better than no washer.
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    rogart63 got a reaction from Blubarb in hands when in place are stopping the wheel train?   
    I looked at ranfft and it was showing the movement that had a sweep second wheel and pinion . That why i thought so. Maybe the hour wheel is worn so it touch the minute wheel or the barrel .  Been there . 
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    rogart63 got a reaction from Blubarb in hands when in place are stopping the wheel train?   
    Does it have a sweepsecond pinion? Maybe that is binding or have some wear. 
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    rogart63 reacted to MrRoundel in ESA 9150 Electronic Stop-Lever Spring?   
    Thanks, rogart63. I'll try that balance-swing test next time I pull the crystal. I ended up punting by setting date and time to the present before quickly casing and replacing crystal. Since it's my own watch, I can get away with such badness. :-)
    After all, I shouldn't have to mess with the date until...oh crap...the end of this month when I have to deal with the short month we're in. Doh! If I was smart AND lazy, I would have set the date to compensate for that change, if possible. Oh well, I'll pop the crystal again in a couple of weeks and check it out further. I'll also brush up on using the timegrapher.
    In the meantime, I have another Wittnauer electronic I bought a while back to clean. It has the later ESA9154 model in it. Thanks again.
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    rogart63 reacted to Blubarb in hands when in place are stopping the wheel train?   
    No canon sweep pinion I can see.
    Canon pinion turning smoothly - should I grease between the mainplate and the canon pinion gear? 
    Missing dial washer?