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    rogart63 reacted to TimFitz in That Spring has Sprung   
    I just finished completely taking apart this nice little Rockford 16s P/W Mod.#2 made in 1903. Mostly it was very dirty & the mainspring was broken. (and no hands)It only has 11jewels , but I really like Rockfords. It is also a private label "Chronometer Nacional" Has anyone heard of that.
    It is a pendent set & wind model. The guy who sold it broke or lost the winding return spring. So he made one out of a paper clip. Well, you can imagine how well that worked.
    So I took one from an old movement and its up and running and pretty as a picture. In fact here are some pictures.

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    rogart63 reacted to jdrichard in What are these tools used for?   
    I just purchased a set of tools and think they are for Hairspring work but not sure specifically what for. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20180812/142bff319e529d0bad8778e2b13e50f8.png[/img]
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    rogart63 reacted to berniethebolt in watch hands   
    thanks all will try to build up a collection and also buy a hand guide so i dont have to fiddle around for hours sorting them out!
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    rogart63 got a reaction from berniethebolt in watch hands   
    Think you should look for 2,00x 1,40 hands and 1,90x 1,10 . Or 200x140 and 190x110. 
    Not sure what you are looking for. cousisnuk have this. https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/luminous-horotec-swiss-singles1
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    rogart63 got a reaction from Johnnie in Good bye   
    Don't leave anvil  . Don't know what has happen but can't see that it can't be solved somehow.  Take some time of and please come back when you feel ready. 
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    rogart63 reacted to sstakoff in Abrasives with Screwhead Polisher   
    Recently acquired a beautiful screwhead polisher:

    The polisher came with two jars of abrasive powder. One is carborundum and the other diamantine. I am looking for some guidance as to which abrasive gets used on which lap and advice on how to charge the lap. There is a steel lap, a brass one and finally a wooden one.  Thanks in advance!
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    rogart63 reacted to Simonkitch in Timegrapher microphone   
    Thanks I've checked these out already but they seem to rely on you having a pre amp which I don't want to try and build.
    I want a mic that will work out the box if pos.
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    rogart63 reacted to Pip in Seiko 7548. . rescue   
    Hope not@anilv as I want to see how this project comes out mate! There’s not enough people working on my lovely Seiko’s on here so I appreciate it when people show their work so I can learn from them.

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    rogart63 reacted to jdm in Cleaning Solutions, UltraSonic and not   
    I think that's because it's recommended in old books like DeCarle which is then blindly followed. But since then the world has evolved and many more products have become easily available. 
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    rogart63 reacted to vinn3 in Cleaning Solutions, UltraSonic and not   
    alcohol ----  isopropyl is what the industry uses,   avaible everywhere.   why use lighter fluid ?  your watch problem  lays in other areas.
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    rogart63 got a reaction from Pip in Cleaning Solutions, UltraSonic and not   
    I cleaned a Tissot 784-2  hairspring 4 times in lighter fluid and still sticks together. Used a brush and cleaned the hairspring under the microscope  with acetone. Let i dry and now it's running good.  There are some hairspring cleaning fluids out there. But many of them use tricloretylene which is no good for the health. So i stick with my method 
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    rogart63 reacted to VWatchie in Cleaning Solutions, UltraSonic and not   
    I'd really like to know as well. Not living in an English speaking country I often find it near impossible to translate the English names for various petroleum products into something meaningful in my own language. Google translate isn't much help in this context translating verbatim. And, to make matters worse, most horological suppliers (like CousinsUK) aren't allowed to ship anything flammable to Sweden. How do you get hold of this stuff if you don't live in a large country like USA, England, Germany, France, and so on? There just aren't any local suppliers, at least none that I've been able to find.
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    rogart63 got a reaction from VWatchie in Cleaning Solutions, UltraSonic and not   
    But I know that many people clean there movement parts in Zippo or similar.  I use Elma and Iso. But not  for the balance and pallet fork.   Is petroleum ether the same as  clean chemical petroleum. 
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    rogart63 reacted to jdm in Cleaning Solutions, UltraSonic and not   
    Lighter fuel is made to burn easy and smell good, not to clean parts. As a direct replacement I recommend petroleum ether which is highly refined. I think I wrote this five times this week only. 
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    rogart63 got a reaction from Pip in Hairspring Frustration   
    On the picture it looks to be okay. Sometimes i can't get the hairspring clean enough with lighter fluid. I dip them fast in acetone and blow them with the blower. That usually fix most hairsprings. 
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    rogart63 reacted to morningtundra in Rolex hands   
    Think I’ve just found a set that will work nicely.


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    rogart63 got a reaction from jdm in Rust on tweezers   
    There is no film on them. At least i don't think so.  Maybe you can oil them slightly and then wipe it of. But that you need to do very time you use them.  It's probably carbon steel tweezers you have? 
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    rogart63 reacted to Mikealexcate in Purchased watch with corrosion. Is it fixable?   
    Ok thanks. I really like the watch. May have to take it to a watch place. 

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    rogart63 reacted to TimFitz in Sand Dunes   
    Thanks, I do like it myself and works great

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    rogart63 got a reaction from TimFitz in Sand Dunes   
    Love the rocket blower. 
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    rogart63 reacted to clockboy in Hampden jewel change?   
    There is a vid by Mark showing the technic.
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    rogart63 got a reaction from teegee in Oil cups   
    Bought mine from cousinsuk . Works okay. And is a little cheaper on cousinsuk . Have tested the Bergeon so have nothing to compare  with. Have a small red Bregeon with agate and that works fine. 
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    rogart63 reacted to Tudor in Landeron 48 hands on Delbana.   
    Cool. I’m pretty sure all Mk. IIs are 821. Mines a ‘69 and it is. I think the 321 was dropped in ‘67...
    all that said I think the subdial pinions are the same diameter... reasonably sure the running seconds hand will fit. 
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    rogart63 reacted to Tudor in Landeron 48 hands on Delbana.   
    Try Omega chrono sub hands. Like the 821 caliber (or 321 but those get silly expensive)
    I used an Omega running seconds sub dial hand (the left one) on an a Valjoux 7734 that worked perfectly. The minute counter (right sub dial) needs to be broached slightly.
    Check at www.ofrei.com as I believe they list the diameters of the pinions of the hands in most cases.
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    rogart63 reacted to clockboy in Anyone serviced a ETA 251.262 movement?   
    Found these articles: