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    rogart63 reacted to Henrique in Bergeon screwdriver size   
    Ok, if you are only considering ergonomics than its fine!
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    rogart63 reacted to measuretwice in Some Schaublin parts I made recently   
    I haven't been doing much watch wise, but lots of work on watch tools.
    I ended up needing to make a bunch of parts for a lever action tailstock for a small Schaublin lathe.  I have the factory main casting and quill (the critical parts) but all the auxiliary bits are missing.  The lathe is a duplicate so fortunately I had a set of parts to copy from. 
    First is the tailstock drawbar.  Toughest part was it’s a 11.75 mm metric buttress thread.  For those not familair, look at the collet; the flanks are 45 and 5 degrees vs every other thread that is symetrical.  It took longer messing about grinding the tool than cutting the thread, but it worked out well – its for a W12 collets

    Next up, is the tailstock lever.  Not particularly difficult, but man, it was a lot of whittling!  Files and die grinder mostly after roughing to shape in the mill.  The turned portion I did by measuring the existing one, making grooves every ½” to the right depth, then roughing and finally finishing by hand turning.  I stuck the dull end of a 1” boring bar out in front of the work grabbed a large radius nose tool (maybe 1.5” radius, ½” tool bit) in a pair of vise grips and went at it as you would with a graver in a watchmakers lathe.
    Paint is sprayed via airbrush, with talc in it to reduce the gloss.  In the last pic, I have some touch up to do….the quills were slightly different dia so I had to grind a bit out of the inside so it would fit.
    Its watch tool related, but for a sure little different for this site so thought you might find it back to the salt mine!

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    rogart63 got a reaction from rodabod in Retrofitting a hairspring   
    I will. Btw look for Tissot 2141 as that is essentially the same movement. Like this ebay 163044591097
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    rogart63 reacted to anilv in Junk evaluation   
    The memosail is a high-end watch and some parts are not available. the dial and hands will probably be of value to someone.
    The omega pocketwatch is nice but they're not really worth big bucks. They dont have balance protection so the balance is probably broken.
    I would save the citizen for late once you've gotten some practice on simpler stuff.
    The Orient is a good starter watch.. better than most chinese clones.
    Not sure of the vedeor but should have a jewelled escapement and this would be a good starter watch, especially if it has an Incabloc shockprotection.
    Don't feel bad about the fact the dealer may have given you a valuable watch, he's a professional (or should be) and should know better. The usual reason for orphaned movements is 1)the shop replaced a non-runner with another working movement or 2)the case was gold and that was sold for scrap. My guess is (1) for your bare movements like the Citizen and Memosail.
    Another scenario is the older watch repair guy is no longer around and the new guy has no use for these things.
    My personal experience, after checking the movement of a watch that's sent to me for service, I have sometimes found that the watch is not repairable or would cost to much to repair. After telling the owner the news some have opted not to repair but have later come back after having sourced a similar watch/movement and requested me to do the transplant. They usually have no interest in the original unusable movement so it goes in my part stash.
    Good luck and have fun!
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    rogart63 reacted to omx5o in Fitting new balance staff   
    I applied a bit more force and it appears to be firmly fixed. I can also see some deformation of the shoulder now so I think it's properly on. I followed it with the flat punch and it's all looking good.
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    rogart63 reacted to Nav in Nav   
    I have a vostok with a 2414 winding movement. Don't know much about watch repairs but was trying to change the dial to a different one. When I wound the watch up nothing happened I.e. no movement. But something odd started to happen and I put the seconds hand back on. The watch unwinds very fast with the second hand whizzing round. See video with just the seconds hand on the movement.
    Can anyone advise what could have gone wrong and how I fix it? Appreciate any feedback and apologies as I have limited knowledge of watches and just attempted to change the dial!
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    rogart63 got a reaction from Johnnie in Help please   
    That is a Lithium 1620 battery . Li-ion 1620 . There are plenty of those around. Can be bought from cousisnuk. A new battery should do the trick. 
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    rogart63 got a reaction from VWatchie in Oiling question   
    I usually only oil the jewel and little in the small impression on the second wheel. The oil on the jewel i think would be enough for both the jewel and the friction point . 
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    rogart63 reacted to Fred in Caseback missing. Possible to modify or turn one?   
    Thanks Rogart63, I don't have any case back that fits or kinda close to modify, I just put an acrylic crystal, I'm gonna glue it in when done with adjusting, for now till I find a solution.
    Btw do you think a domed sapphire crystal would be a good idea? 
    Thanks everyone.

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    rogart63 got a reaction from Chopin in Sourcing/making odd vintage acrylic crystal   
    Have you checked cousinsuk there special crystals. 
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    rogart63 reacted to Chopin in Sourcing/making odd vintage acrylic crystal   
    What do you mean by special crystals ?
    I have checked all the categories (as far as I know) and only 2 or so came close but they were still off by a bit or the shape was different.
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    rogart63 reacted to jdm in Make a screwhead?   
    There is a thread on this very same forum about that.
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    rogart63 reacted to StuartBaker104 in Make a screwhead?   
    Here are a couple of options
    Ideally you would put the screw in a lathe and use a double roller file rest to keep the file in the right place
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    rogart63 got a reaction from TimFitz in Make a screwhead?   
    We tried to make a new screw for a setting lever spring where the old one had a bad  thread . So made a new thread but couldn't find a low enough screwhead to clear the dial. i tried to make the head a little lower by putting it in a pin vice. That worked but the slot for the screwdriver was also removed. So was only wondering how we could make a new one. Just for fun to know and maybe have some use for some other day  
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    rogart63 reacted to measuretwice in Make a screwhead?   
    I've done so with a very fine slitting saw in a mill with some success, but the screw was large compared to watch sized (more like pocket watch/travel clock).  I' have some the of the files for the screw slot as in the link below.  I think I tried it once with the file and concluded it is bloody difficult and the file seemed too big.  It needs a very steady hand and I think a largish pocket watch sized screw to work, at least that was my limited experience with it.
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    rogart63 reacted to marcoskaiser in Cheap Pegwood   
    Hello, I am new to this forum, hope to be joining the right thread.
    While watching Mark's course, I ordered my first tools and the clone movement. But it takes an astonishing 50 days for them to arrive...
    So to gain time, and procrastinate a bit from my real work (lute making) I started making a few basic tools.  But finding the right profiles to copy is challenging. So many angles for the hand levers... I chose 30 degrees, and repurposed some useless screwdrivers I had around. 
    Next the oil containers..which size? Is it critical to have small concave pools? Or they can be 8-10 mm wide? I used some camera lenses, with concave surfaces. Cannot imagine something closer to the agathe or cristal used on the professional ones. For the caps, I used more lenses. The container seems tight enough to hold the dust outside, while good enough to concentrate the puddle of oil on the center. One interesting effect I found is that with the cap (the second lenses) I can see magnified how contaminated my oil already is...
    Then the oil needles.. The shape is easy to copy, once you find close images of fine oilers, but what kind of surface transports oil best? Shiny or matte? ( when cleaning the dippers, it seems that a shiny surface is best for assuring nothing remains on the tool..)

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    rogart63 reacted to manodeoro in Connecting Stem to Crown problem   
    Esslinger have 0.9/1.10 stem extensions ... They call that "stem extenders".
    I think it would be better to cut the extension first, short enough so that the 0.9 connector is as close to the crown as possible, then cut the 0.9 stem to the right length.
    That's the way I do and I've never had any problem.

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    rogart63 got a reaction from Cmmb8519 in Seiko 5106 Presmatic - broken dial screws   
    As the dial feet sits outside of the movement. Maybe the the part screw is loose enough to be removed with a small screwdriver?  Or maybe it will come out when you clean it. Do you have a ultrasonic cleaner. If so test to clean it first. Those screws has a tendency to rattle out if not tighten up before Ultrasonic. 
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    rogart63 got a reaction from Cmmb8519 in Seiko 5106 Presmatic - broken dial screws   
    As the dial feet sits outside of the movement. Maybe the the part screw is loose enough to be removed with a small screwdriver?  Or maybe it will come out when you clean it. Do you have a ultrasonic cleaner. If so test to clean it first. Those screws has a tendency to rattle out if not tighten up before Ultrasonic. 
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    rogart63 reacted to VWatchie in Help with movement identification   
    I believe you're 100 % right about that! To my eyes they look identical! Thank you very much!
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    rogart63 got a reaction from VWatchie in Help with movement identification   
    That can't be a ST96 movement. Looks more like a cortebert . Almost sure it's a Peseux 7040 now that i look on ranfft.
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    rogart63 reacted to bsoderling in Lost in the balance staff jungle...again   
    To wrap this up....

    There was indeed a jewel with my Seitz tool that seemed to be in the right direction ( 0,9 mm OD & 0,11 hole) so no excuse for not trying.

    And it turned out well with the balance wheel fitting nicely and spinning forever when tried without the hairspring.

    The hairspring turned out to be a bit of a nightmare. Appearing nice and flat on the wheel still on my table, it tilted heavily once the stud was pushed in. I spent several hours trying trying to grasp the dynamics of that thing and what influences what. Finally a tiny push a few mm’s from the stud levelled the spring to flat and parallell with the wheel.

    I suspect there must have been different materials used in hairsprings over the years? This one was really soft as butter and made very little resistance to maintain its shape when applying any kind of ”force”.

    After cleaning and oiling it now runs reasonably well with a decent amplitude.

    I attached a photo. With the clean and undamaged dial, I guess it’s an ok piece from the period or...?

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    rogart63 got a reaction from PeterS in Unitas 6497 shock spring replacement   
    That could be a little tricky. You probably need to remove the regulator arm to get that in.  Or at least the arrow pointing backwards. 
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    rogart63 reacted to Redwood in Miyota 8215   
    Thank you for the kind offer but 2 screws are on thier way from the supplier of the movement. They are the 123 type 0.6 mm.  
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    rogart63 got a reaction from dadistic in Eterna shock springs   
    Better picture of the spring.