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  1. Hello Jason. It looks like you are off to a good start. I went a bit backwards and started working on cheap Chinese movements for about six months before taking signing up for the course last week. Now I am taking the course and gaining a wealth of knowledge that I wish I had when I started.
  2. Thanks again. I hope so. The Hangzhou 9310 (Unitas 6498 clone) that I am using for Watch Repair Course 2 was the most expensive movement I have purchased; it cost me 149rmb, which is $21usd. I don't know how that compares to other clones of the 6498, but I think I got a good deal.
  3. Thank you, Nucejoe and watchweasol. Watchweasol, I hope so. There is some very unique Chinese horology that I wouldn't know about if I didn't live here. I hope to share what I learn with other members in the future.
  4. Hello everyone, My name is Jason. I live in China, and I have been working on Chinese standard (tongji) movements for about six months. I am hoping to improve my skills and start working on more advanced movements in the future. I am currently at the end of Course 2 of the Watch Repair Lessons and looking forward to working on the Hangzhou 9000 movement, which is based on the Unitas 6498. The Hangzhou was my movement of choice because I have read that the Sea-Gull 3600 has some design flaws, and I want to make a watch out of my movement when I have finished the courses. Thanks for taking the time to read my introduction. See you in the forum. Regards, Jason ps: I have attached a photo of my current work area. Honestly, it was a mess before watching the video in Course 1 about keeping your area clean.
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