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  1. I'll check this weekend for you buddy Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  2. Hi Nigel & Welcome. I'm a DAF XF106 man myself
  3. Yes correct, in the end I fitted a de Ville Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  4. Thanks Anil, thats is exactly the insight I've been looking for & many thanks to all for your kind words of support. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  5. Those darn slipping clutch wheels, last time I did one i managed to crush & snap the tube whilst trying to tighten it. Took me ages to find a replacement. Well done & great looking watch.
  6. Thanks guys for your kind warm welcome back. Now I just have to remember how i disassembled this movado HS360 kingmatic, at least I took pictures. However, can't remember which size screws go where. Its been soaking in lighter fluid for 3 months lol
  7. Hi Guys i'm back after a quite a bad flare up of rheumatoid arthritis. Its a bit frustrating really. I started this hobby to give me some thing to look forward to in retirement, and after getting very hooked in a short space of time & spending what I'd say a considerable amount of money on tools etc.. I've now been diagnosed with RA. However, I feel quite blessed as when it first took hold it was quite aggressive & TBH I was starting to think about giving up work, buying a bungalow & installing a disabled ramp. But with the help of meds i'm now starting to feel more myself apart from the fact I can't straighten my arms lol. Anyway I'm back at work & feeling much more positive. i'm probably going to loose a lot of screws, click springs etc. but want to get back to the hobby i loved. David
  8. Any chance you could post a pick of the yoke as I think I have one in my spares. Ive got plenty from 2824-2 etc but just scraped a few older models with older keyless. if i have one you can have it with pleasure.
  9. Hi Lyubo, I think by memory its 29.5mm Dial & as such would not fit the case I had. At present its in my to do draw with many other projects.
  10. I've got the same powder, but never used it. I believe it is used by mixing with meth spirts.
  11. Check the jewel beneath the balance wheel, It may be over oiled or dirty.
  12. I'm a long distance truck driver & as such I'm rarely home, hence my limited activity on this great forum. I'm hoping within the next few yrs to be working nearer home & spending a lot more time with my favourite hobby.
  13. I recently serviced one of these GP gyromatic movements. It was a 36000 vph version & as such was based on the AS1920. I had a similar issue with the stiff winding, I removed the automatic works & it then wound like butter smooth. So I soaked the automatic works in lighter fluid for 24hrs, then soaked the reverse wheels in isopropanol for a few hours. Rebuilt the works placed a drop of D5 on the reverse wheels. Winds great know.
  14. Thanks jdm, I couldn't find any info for the 625 never thought to check ofrei.
  15. Still a nice looking watch buddy. I love the sport style with black rubber.
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