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  1. Thank you for your feedback guys! It is a vintage Valjoux Rolex Daytona center chronograph hand. Replacement for that is ridiculously expensive and I want to keep the authentic hand to the watch, hence my question how I could replace the center pearling & tube. I’ll take a few pics tomorrow.
  2. Hey guys! I hope everyone is doing great and having a relaxed weekend. Today I’m posting for a small (or big?) piece of helpful advise. I do have a vintage chronograph and the hands are pretty much irreplaceable. The problem I am facing is that I have a center main chronograph hand (aka running seconds hand in other watches) that doesn’t have a tube for the seconds wheel pinion and no cap on top - which it is supposed to have. How would you guys tackle a repair of this hand that comes to a visually appealing and working result? Thank you very much for your ideas! All the best! hautehorloge
  3. The hand should not be hit by the heat directly but lay in a bed of brass filings. It will change colors starting with a dark yellow to purple to royal blue to grey blue. Royal blue is usually reached with 290°C / 550°F. The Swiss do it. So I can do it :-D The magic really is to remove the heat immediately and cool down once the object has reached the desired color. But I won’t say no to a blued hand, ready to be mounted of course. :-)
  4. Hey! :-) Before I ask you guys for some advice, I’d like to thank everybody that maintains and participates in this beautiful place of knowledge. Today, I’m asking for advise in finding a very specific shape and style of a sweeping center seconds hand that I try to replace. The shape seems rather simple, yet I’ve struggled to find the right length or specific shape of what I’m looking for. Here is a technical drawing: I’m looking for a long arrowed center seconds hand in blued steel with 18.5mm total length. The tube should ideally be fitting a 0.25mm pinion although I can also broach or refit it in case I cannot find the right tube size. The length seems to be the main problem. Anybody got an idea / a source / THIS hand in their parts bin to help me out? Thank you very very much in advance! All the best!
  5. He’s good with what he is doing for sure. Now laser welding is on another paper. It is a great invention for restoring watches but I personally am not a fan of bringing a watch back to NOS condition, it is only acceptable for really unfortunate damages that make the watch unwearable or completely change the aesthetics imho. I have a vintage case from the 40s that has a hole on the top of the lug where the springbar sits which I will have filled for example. The amount of 6263 Daytonas that pop up in auctions „unpolished“ with razor sharp edges since they are 5-figures is just stupid. 5 years ago when you where looking around you could only see rare examples in that state and the usual honest soft worn look. It’s a money-making greedy disgrace. But that’s a whole different conversation lol
  6. Here’s the Instagram of the Italy based watch restorer. Both coatings are used in the process of refurbishing watches and I’m curious what brand they are and if they could improve my work :-) https://instagram.com/il_menzerna?igshid=mw64kib64yb7 I think the pink one is used to see if there are any uneven areas when working on the lapping machine and the blue one is a protective coating to help with brushed and polished areas and avoid swirlmarks during work etc. That’s my guess.
  7. Yes, that is what I am referring to. I see some refinishers use this stuff before they do brushing and polishing.
  8. Sounds really interesting. I suppose the purpose is to protect and differentiate polished and brushed surfaces while working, is that correct? I really have to look into that
  9. Hey guys! I noticed some restore specialists using brightly colored paint on pieces they work on. I was wondering if any of you know which products exactly they are working with? I’d love to try that! :-)
  10. Hey guys, how are you doing today? I am coming up with a question that has been bugging me for quite some time. I am working on a Rolex Submariner case from 1994 that has a little problem: The case sides have lost their definition because of polishing and i would like to give the watch some definition back. I am talking about a completely flat and mirror polished result that i am trying to achieve, with sharp edges to the top of the lugs. Also the brushed tops have been rounded and i would like to even this out. I know, i will of course loose material with this but i think it can be done! I am good with rounded and organic surfaces like the Daytona, and Datejusts, but I struggle with sharp and flat surfaces. Now - I don’t have the luck to own a lapping machine so my question is, how can I achieve that result by hand? Thank you for your help and ideas! All the best!
  11. Hey guys! Lovely to meet you all! I’m a hobbyist watchmodder and collector based in Florida and am happy to be joining this great community since i have been lurking around as a visitor for the longest time. Hope to see you soon around in here and sending a big HELLO to everybody! Cheers! :-) Gesendet von iPad mit Tapatalk Pro
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