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  1. Thanks for that, I will pop it in and see what his advice is. Just getting it to keep reasonable time would prolly be best. The more I find out about it the more I think it’s probably 1920 ish......still an “old ‘un” but it’s not like it’s by a famous maker or anything.
  2. Thanks for that oldhippy, I have found a chap in Portsmouth and I feel much more confident taking my clock to a BHI repairer! I have taken a quick photo of the platform.....what do you think? Has it already been replaced?
  3. A carriage clock has come into my possession and, not having the necessary skills myself, I am looking for someone to renovate it. I have had it running and it ticked happily for almost seven days losing a minute a day for the first four days and then steadily more until it stopped. It was about thirteen minutes slow by then. If anyone knows someone who would be willing to take this on please let me know on this thread or if you prefer by pm. It’s not a Drocourt or a Jacot and it’s gilt has suffered over the years but I would like it restored. I live near Portsmouth so would appreciate someone within15 miles or so to do it. Oh and it’s a striker if that makes a difference.
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