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  1. Gouges are a method that has always made me shudder when I see it. Regards.
  2. A sunny window close by or any heat source can cause slight variations in viscosity of the oils. Looks good to me, so regulate and job-done.
  3. I should have mentioned I will not get the stem from Europe, but am simply trying to get the right size. In fact, I may have one in my junk box. Yep, it's a Dollar watch and I'll do all that's necessary before investing money.
  4. I have this old Tip Top that has a movement size of 1" or 11.26L. The following pictures shows the movement and the replace stem that I think will work. If someone can verify I would appreciate the help. By the way, I have no piece of the original stem. Regards
  5. This is my process, although I've never looked to ensure pallet fork is to the left. Thanks for the detailed answer; it will make me better in the future.
  6. I have never taken classes or any formal Watchmaking training, but have been at it a very long time. However, today as I was installing a Balance as I've done many times before I realized that I had no set way of doing so and don't know if there is a proper procedure. I seat the wheel and then twist the movement about 90° and the seat the balance cock(bridge). Is there a specific direction to rotate movement while installing the bridge? Should I coil or uncoil hairspring when twisting, or does to matter? Regards, David
  7. Excellent info at link! Thanks for sharing.
  8. Not sure I understand the Eternaltools.com comment. I looked at the website and saw nothing relating to ETA movements, only a tool seller.
  9. What movement is this? I can't make out the name. I believe you have the spring reversed...just flip it over and it should rest against the yoke...Here's a picture of a Bulova movement so maybe it will help you orient the spring...
  10. Since you posted this I've done a bit of research and have decided Pad Printing would be worth investigating. Dials have always been difficult for me to make look right considering I'm only working for my collection and on watches that are valuable only to me—before and after service—so an inexpensive way to make a dial took respectable would be a big win for me.
  11. Actually, no you don't. But, no harm in replacing the movement in this watch if you like it. Not sure, but I think Seagull may make a replacement. Good luck.
  12. Excellent question and I'll be watching for the answer. Renewing a dial and case are two thing I wish I could master.
  13. My lovely wife is in the medical profession and she brought me a couple hypodermic type needle things that are thinner than anything I had on my bench. I use them for oilers and although I'm no professional they work very well for me.
  14. Well done. I'm no pro and do not service as a job but I've been at it a very long time and the satisfaction of completing a service is still with me.
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