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  1. Yes, been trying to....I'm not attempting to be an expert, just something to do....and hopefully with *SOME* decent results...I'd really love to get my Grandfathers PB going in a case again...Thanks! Thanks, I'll give that a try! Thanks to Old Hippy too!
  2. Are they still available? Depending on how much they cost to ship, maybe? Dan
  3. Hello! My name is Dan, and I've just recently started trying to figure this stuff out....I'll never know as much as I'd like, I'm sure.. At any rate...my grandfather died 45 years ago and left an old Paul Breguette mechanism (no case or band) ....tried winding it..and it started running but it definitely needs work. I don't have the money necessary to pay a master watch maker to repair, case and band it, so I thought "eh, why not?" and bought some tools...(Timegrapher, An Amscope binocular microscope and some tools...)...I suspect I'll destroy a number of mechanisms before I actually get one to work again ...any tips or stories are greatly appreciated!
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