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  1. I wore the watch for two weeks and it was consistently gaining 5 plus minutes per day. Before I dropped it, it would gain about 40 seconds per day. I attempted to regulate it last night using the clock tuner app on my phone and a microphone. When I moved the regulator counter clockwise it gained time in what seemed to be a normal rate and form. When I moved it clockwise it reacted in a similar way up to a point, losing time until about +4 minutes a day. Beyond that point, still moving the regulator clockwise, it jumped to nearly +20 minutes per day and the graph suddenly went erratic. Picture attached. In all these adjustments I moved the regulator only in about a 30-45 degree range total. My initial thought is that something in the movement is broken and this $130 usd watch is scrap. Any thoughts?
  2. Thank you all for your input! It seems that the hands needed to be reseated as anilv suggested. I simply removed the badge for the time being and I'm not sure if I'll put it back on our not. It was a pretty stressful task having the watch taken apart even to the small extent that I did! The watch is now running really fast, gaining 5 minutes a day. Does it just need to be regulated? Or is that an indication that something else could be wrong?
  3. Hi all, i have no experience repairing watches but I am a pretty hands on and mechanical guy. I am looking for some advice for my Seiko SNZG15, 7s26 movement. It's a pretty cheap watch so I have a feeling it might not be worth taking to a professional to repair. I will explain what happened and I hope that someone here can offer some advice. I have worn the watch for three years straight. I was taking it off the other night and it slipped out of my hand and hit the floor face down. The Seiko emblem bent out from the face with the S still flush on the face and the o sticking out a bit, just enough to interfere with at least the hour hand. It's still ticking fine, but in my foolish curiosity I attempted to adjust the time. I don't remember which hand, but one of them came into contact with the emblem and got hung up. I was able to free it, but damage had already been done. Now I can't really adjust the time and the hour and minute hands are out of sink. When I turn the crown the hands don't move hardly at all, if any. I'm thinking that since it is still ticking and keeping time that the actual movement is okay, but maybe some gears related to adjusting the time are damaged. Any thoughts? Can you even get replacement parts for this movement? I have watched some of the videos on this movement and I think that if it were the gears under the calendar and date wheels I might be able to replace them and just remove the emblem. Thanks, Eric
  4. Hi, I'm a civil engineer in the Southeast US. I have a Seiko 5 in need of some repair which is what led me here. Very intrigued by the repair/service videos I have seen on the watch repair channel. I would like to crack open the case of my seiko 5 and see if I can repair it, but I know I cant do that without some guidance at least. I enjoy sipping whiskey, rowing my own gears, and chasing my 18 month old around the house. I first got into watches when I replaced the flight master that was given to me. Purchased the SNZG15 because i loved the looks and thought the automatic movement was pretty cool. Only other watch is the classic G-shock. I dont see myself ever being heavily invested in a watch, but I enjoy a piece of nice craftsmanship on my wrist. Eric
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