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  1. Thank you for the replies! I'm certain that the watch is not supposed to stop or anything when the chronograph is running... its a very strange problem. Its the same movement as the SeaGull M199s... I believe it's called an ST1908, although that also refers to some movements without the moonphase function. Thank you for these suggestions! These will give me a good place to start if it ever happens again, at which point I'll be sure to update watchrepairtalk!
  2. I recently posted that my Sugess ST19 moonphase chronograph locked up, and would not start again even when shaken, or when I opened it up and spun the balance wheel a little bit (click here for the post). Today, I tried for the first time clicking the chronograph start button. Suddenly, the watch itself started running again (even the non-chronograph timekeeping!). Now I'm curious, though, what the problem with my watch is. Any ideas what it could be?
  3. Excellent, thank you! Fortunately I have two other identical ones if I did break this one.
  4. Silly question maybe, but would this cause the movement to fall out of the case?
  5. I finally took on this project again! Thank you all for your excellent advice so far. This has been my first time dissembling and assembling a watch, and it has been a great learning experience for me. I got the keyless works assembled in what I think is a somewhat correct way. Then the following happened: I pulled out the crown and pushed it back in with no apparent problems. I wound the watch fully. The watch was not beating. I pulled out the crown, at which point the center wheel "unspooled" rapidly, expelling all the energy. I pushed the crown back in and attempted to wind it, but the crown would now not turn in the winding direction. Any idea what happened? What I should do next? Also, for the sake of creating a database of movement photographs (as was mentioned by a user above), I've attached a photograph of (what I believe to be) the correct assembly for the keyless works.
  6. I just opened the watch! It seems the balance swings freely in both ways. I've attached a picture of the movement... not sure if that will tell us anything!
  7. I will certainly try this when I open the watch in the next few days! Thank you!
  8. Thank you so much for all your replies! Here's my report: The second hand doesn't budge when the watch is shaken It's a small-dial second hand. Doesn't seem to move or wiggle when I shake the watch. I've fully wound it, and it seems to have stayed wound for a few days. Shaking the watch with the crown out doesn't produce any different results. Setting the time forward or backward doesn't seem to produce any different results Setting the time to 6:00 doesn't get it going either One thing I do notice: when I advance the time forward, the date subdial changes accordingly.
  9. My ST19 moonhphase (manual wind, chronograph) just stopped today without warning. Before, it was keeping rather accurate time... I believe within 10 seconds per day. Any tips on how to give it a basic look-over, and possibly an easy repair? I read that using a squeeze blower might dislodge any particles that may have lodged themselves in the movement. Is this advisable? Anything else I should try before I commit to a more major servicing or movement swap?
  10. Also, I am quite certain that I have put in the correct length screws... I recorded screw length on disassembly. The one that goes through the eyelet on the setting lever is a distinct screw, as I believe it's the screw that you use to release the crown from the movement.
  11. I really wasn't sure what to lubricate, so I lubricated the crown a bit, along with the point where each wheel contacts the pivot. Are there other places I should lubricate? Also, to be more specific, I'm unable to pull the crown out at all, it's not necessarily winding that is the issue. Could this be affected by a lack of lubrication as well?
  12. Yes, there is a spring that is pushing on the yoke lever, and I believe it has been placed properly. I'm sorry, I didn't quite understand the part about the pin and the setting lever. Does this mean I have to screw down the cover plate when the crown is pulled out, so that the setting lever is in a different position?
  13. Hello again! from the Mockba bench! For those of you who haven't seen my previous posts, this is a 1950s Mockba watch made in the First Moscow Watch Factory. It's my first build, and I'm really excited that I've made it this far, but the keyless works appear to be an impasse. I would greatly appreciate your help! I've assembled the keyless works, as seen in the attached pictures, but I cannot push the crown or pull it out at all. Here's some details on what I did to assemble the keyless works: 1. Pushed in the crown all the way 2. Put the clutch lever in the groove of the clutch 3. Pushed the clutch outwards as far as it can, which also moved the clutch lever and the set lever 4. Wedged the lever spring against the clutch lever so it stores potential energy 5. Screwed down the cover plate, ensuring that the little peg sticking down from the arm of the cover plate is pressed against one of the notches (which I assume is for this purpose) of the set lever Any idea why the whole thing seems to be firmly affixed, but so much that the crown cannot be pulled out at all? Thank you!
  14. I just tried this... you are correct! I needed to put the screw in place and then secure the bridge atop it. The other thing I had to do was to apply pressure to that tiny steel plate, so that its threading could catch that of the crown release screw.
  15. Upon reflection, I think you might be right here. The screw has a protrusion towards the screwdriver-end of it (visible when highly zoomed in to the picture below)... perhaps this is what should be secured down by the bridge. Within the next day, I'll try to insert the screw before installing the bridge, and let you know how it goes!
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