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  1. Hey all! This is my first bracelet repair, so I have no idea what I'm doing. I have a broken Seiko bracelet, but it doesn't seem to have pins. It does have a small bit with a seam at the end, as visible in these pictures:
  2. Thank you! By the "tube end," do you mean the part of the cannon pinion that sticks up, or do you mean the part on the underside of the second hand that fits into the cannon pinion?
  3. Wow, thank you for the heads up! I'll definitely reconsider my decision to go with Hacko.
  4. Hey all! I've got myself my first watchmaking conundrum. I recently did some dial work on my 7s26, and had some trouble putting the hands back on. I think I pressed rather firmly to get the hands on. The watch worked perfectly for about 5 days of rigorous wear, but then the second hand fell off without warning. Any idea what the issue might be? Thanks!
  5. Hey everyone! I bought my first automatic watch, a 7s26, a little over 5 years ago. Recently, I picked up some vintage Russian watches and fell in love. I'd love to be able to buy old Russian treasures on the cheap and service them myself! But first, my plan is to start with Nickolas Hacko's 7s26 tutorial.
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