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  1. I need to replace the regulator on the balance cock of a watch and I was wondering how to do it as I haven’t before. There is nothing to go off so I presume someone could help. Thank you
  2. I’ve looked and it looks to be one of those cousins have balance staffs which go to that Caliber. Thank you
  3. Oh ok I see there is no other markings to go of f of so I’m very limited to what I’ve already said. Would a keyless work picture help?
  4. Hello everyone I was hoping someone would know what movement I have here as I need to get a new balance staff. The t which I photographed was under the balance wheel and the movement measures 23.5mm across.
  5. Hello I have a pocket watch movement and I didn’t know if someone could possibly identify which brand it is made by. All it says is Swiss made thats all.
  6. Hello, I was wondering if anyone in the uk could help me with working out how much it would cost to have my pocket watch balance put back together and the jewel put back in secure. I don’t have a staking set so I can’t do it myself so if anyone could give me a quote to do it. Thank you
  7. Hello I need to order a acrylic glass for my pocket watch but what is the difference between stepped and not stepped. I repair wrist watches but don’t usually mess with pocket watches.
  8. Hello, I have this rotary watch which I need to take stem out of. Can someone please help me find out what I need to press to release the movement as I’ve tried pushing where it says. Thank you
  9. Hello, I recently purchased this pocket watch and it needs repairing. I need to find out what the movement is because I need to buy new parts or get a donor movement. Thank you in advance
  10. That’s very helpful thank you.
  11. I have started constructing watches and now I’m looking to make cases. I need to find a cheap lathe that will allow me to turn the correct measurements for fitting a crystal. Can anyone recommend a cheap large that will do the job for me? Thank you in advance
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