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  1. Hi, my name is Rob and live in New York State's Catskill Mountains (USA). I've been a watch and clock maker for several years. I'm very good with clocks but not so good with watches.... yet with Marks help I hope to be. I just finished part 1 of Mark's course. It was a lot of fun, Mark has made me a better watch maker already! I like the way he broke down the watch parts for each section of the watch. I've been gathering tools for a long time and will make some as I need them if they are too expensive to purchase. Last winter I bought an old watch bench because I really need one and the ones I liked were very pricey, I'm a woodworker and also a machinist. I'm retired now, I'm an electronics engineer and still write for a few publications and do electronics but watch work is still a very favorite hobby. Here's are the before and after pictures ( A lot of sanding!!). I made a new top as the old one was full of holes and refaced the draws. I also put in a new canvas catch that already saved me from crawling along the floor for lost parts. Rob
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