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  1. Not a clock guy and have no experience repairing clocks before. I'm trying to fix my floor clock that seemed to stop working after being transported to another location. The problem: Clock working for about 4-6 hours then stop. Once I took the front face of the clock I realized that cables are not sitting straight in their grooves, which is probably due to weights being removed while moved. I disassembled the mechanism and put the cables back into their groves but this did not fix my issue(even tho i was able to get like 10 hours of runtime after this manipulation) I took the mechanism out of the clock again and inspected it further. What appears to cause the jam is that the disc(shaped as number 6) that is attached to the hour arm(marked number 1 on the picture attached) during its rotation jaming the hour selector arm(number 2) for the chime behind itself. This creates enough resistanse for the mechanism to stop because the weight can no longer provide enough force. I seems like there should be some way of returning this arm back to top position when it reaches the bottom, but it does not happen. It almost seems like the 6-shaped disk is installed backwards, but after watching a lot of videos i concluded that it is not the case. Not sure what am i missing here, but if i cant figure it out I might as well remove this hour selector so that the clock start working. here is the video https://drive.google.com/open?id=14kRcs3F264MxVd_GsQyWKvuAQW1E134m
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