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  1. Thank you for the answers So am I correct in thinking there definately is an issue with it. Either its not been serviced, or not serviced to Rolex specification, or serviced but other issues like the main spring not sorted ?
  2. So I just bought my first Rolex. Its used. And ive put it on my Timegraph Fully wound face up its +5.1sd 210 amplitude and 0.7ms After 24 hours of running hanging position crown down its +3.9sd 180 amplitude and 0.2m/s Dealer says this is normal for a 3135 Dealer receipt says it ways recently serviced by a rolex specialist May 2019 Am I being paranoid, is the movement ok or not ? Can anyone put my mind at rest. Cheers
  3. Im not sure about a few things So im here to ask a few questions and learn Cheers
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