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  1. That did the trick!! - Now all that is left is a bracelet and crystal and its new!
  2. Attached is a picture of my Seiko 7T34-6A009 - I know it is hard to see but you can see the Chronometer dial at 12 reads 27 and the second hand of the Chrono - (Green Hand) is also at 27 position. I have found the manual and followed the directions to reset the Chrono - everytime I do it returns to this position. I am thinking that it is simply the hands were incorrectly installed - the entire watch runs fine, keeps time etc. It needs a new chrystal and I have a perfect watch. What say ye? OR is there some sort of internal reset/repair that need be done? I know that Seiko has ceased making this movement - This watch has sentimental value to me Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.....
  3. Hello all - What started my watch repair addiction? For Christmas, my spouse had the band replaced and new battery put into my 1989 Seiko Flightmaster E6B Chrono. I don't have the heart to tell her that since I now have presbyopia (old eyes that wont focus) I can't read the darn thing. I was frustrated and I didn't want to remind her that 10 years earlier we had put some money into it after it had sort of 'fallen apart' in that the dial had shifted etc. The Chrono resets to 27 minutes and 27 seconds elapsed. HOWEVER, it has been running since Christmas and is keeping time - neither slow nor fast. So this got me to thinking - I wore this watch as a pilot during the first go round with Saddam in 1990. It has sentimental value - in my research i have found your site - found out that it is Model 7T34-6A09. That Seiko is no longer making them and on an on. I was speaking to a co-worker who upon hearing about my situation asked what i wanted in a watch. I said well, I really like the idea of the 'Automatic' movements that you need no batteries - they seem really cool to me. Next thing I know, I am the proud owner of an Orient World Time. So I am here to find a way to repair the Chronometer, replace the Chrystal and band if there is a way to do so. I would like to do it myself as I think it good to have the skill to do so. (Though, I may not possess it!) Finally I just read 'Longitude' by Sobel. I am now hooked on how watches work and am fascinated by the engineering that went into such a device.
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