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  1. There's several editions of the Rolls Razor. I have one myself. The one in your pic, given the case, is probably the Silver Edition of the Imperial 2 Rolls Razor. Ones without the case were nickel. And there's several other editions as mentioned. How you tell them apart is the exterior design on the metal case. Personally, I like the Rolls. And there's some interesting facts about the company and the owner. The owner, even after the company folded took all the inventory he had of the Rolls and up till it ran out or he passed away (I can't remember which) he honored the warranty and you could buy blades and replacement parts from him. Just by writing to him in England somewhere. I heard great things about him online. Not something you see from many, especially after the company folds. You can get the blades rehoned true. A couple places do it and one offers new blades they themselves make for them. Practice on a balloon.. I did. Lol. A fresh open blade on that thing.. it'll make you nervous bringing it to you face the first time. There's a video of a guy on YouTube of a guys first time with the Rolls and what he thought of the shave.. He liked it from what I remember. Felt it was as close as he was getting from other blades he tried. So.. I "saw" a very interesting 7 day set at the antique shop where i bought my Rolls. I've never seen another like it. I don't know who made it, maybe you do. It was a complete valay(sp?) of wood, dark in color. It included the brush, cup and a rack which held 7 razors, each marked for the day of the week. The rack which was metal, and all the razors where gold plated. Or gold... I wasn't allowed to touch it but he did show it to me. Price tag was up there, I remember that. Way up there. He had it in its own display case right next to his desk. The handles and razor rack where all scrolled and fancy. It sure was pretty... Like a Rolls, as far as the blades, but definitely not a Rolls. Ever seen one like it?
  2. There's still 4 items available. Any other takers on what's left? Take one, take all. Free for the asking. Cheers...
  3. @calcmandan Good story. I've owned and wore light pink sport jacket, a Miami Vice kinda thing. I like Pink the singer. And hot pink on some girls... My business card was Hyper blue with Hot pink lettering and everyone loved it. Never crossed my mind till you just mentioned it about the Breast Cancer color thing. So your comment hit home as I had the exact thought you mentioned after you brought it up. "Oh yeah, that's right.!" Lol This was one of a bunch of purple and hot pink envelopes another business had that no longer needed them. I gave all but a couple away. Hot pink and the others were purple. First time I've had a chance to use them. I gave them to a ebayer here that sells auto parts. About a hundred or so. He loved them so much after using them he asked if I had more. For one, they were the perfect size for some of his parts. His customers loved them since they instantly recognized a package from him. And his sales increased once he started using them. He also noticed packages seemed to get to the destination faster. I guess if you're looking at white and manila envelopes all day a hot pink or purple one would stand out. They'll definitely see it coming! Lol. Hard to lose a package that color. If I were a business, I'd definitely consider using bright colored envelopes for mailing. Something that makes it stand out from the others. Cheers...
  4. @calcmandan Screwdriver set has been shipped. Tracking number sent via PM I don't think you'll have a problem recognizing the package when it arrives.. heh heh heh Enjoy! Cheers...
  5. @jdm Your hot stamp kit has been shipped. Tracking number sent to via PM Enjoy! Cheers...
  6. Yeah, no sleep till tonight. Had to pull everything out of the shop, paint it floor to ceiling, wait to it to dry enough, then put it all back. That was a long 24hrs... 90% tools, work bench, floor to ceiling shelving packed with more tools... I've been putting it off for 4 months. Yesterday morning I said screw it. It's getting done, now! And it all had to be done before others arrived that work in the building. Fast forward to this morning... Even the morning 2 cups of coffee ain't helping I'm so beat. Lol But it's done. Huge difference! Worth the work. So, I'll sleep good tonight!
  7. Lol... I was just coming to post a new pic on the screwdriver set. I was up all night painting the micro shop I have and finally got things put back and had a couple hours to kill since sleep is out of the question this early so I decided to kill a couple hours cleaning them up. There's 2 vintage Brass. One Brass and SS top. One SS I think with Aluminum removable top (Red). Two SS (I think) with plastic top. And one LS Starret (a very nice driver, you'll see). A nice variety set so you can see what kind you prefer. I didn't do a full blown detail on them. But given they've been sitting in storage for what.. 30, 40 years I wanted them to at least look respectable. I'll let you detail them out. Lol They are yours... Send a PM with your mailing address, I'll send them out in the next couple days. Here's a pic of them as they look now. Cheers...
  8. Great! Stamping set is yours! Send me your mailing address via PM I'll send it out over the next few days. Cheers...
  9. So everyone knows that's interested, all these tools where owned and used by the same watch/clock repair, jeweler that owned the Boley C60 I refurbished and posted about here in the forum. Best I can tell he was still in business back in 1979 locally. Of course since, retired, and passed away. As stated, I'm just trying to pass on some little things I managed to aquire that were his tools of the trade. Not the Boley C60 though.. that one I'm keeping for a bit. :-) It's a real nice vise. Cheers...
  10. Thanks for the kind words. I figure there's going to be someone just starting out that might like them. Someone that likes the vintage glass oilers. Someone putting together a vintage antique watch repair kit... I don't know. I was hoping they're be useful to someone. BTW - though it's been a while, from what I remember #6 is some type of polishing rouge. You're suppose to mix it with something to make up the polish I think. And that's how it's suppose to look from others I've seen. I believe that's what it is. I'm not positive. As mentioned, It's been several months since I found a like canister like that online. I'll see if I can find it again over the coming days.
  11. And there's this... 6) A can of something. As mentioned, I found out what it was at one time but since have forgotten what it is. It's about the size of a old 35mm film can. Embossed on the lid is " IMPORTANT, Save Can, Instructions inside" Of course there's no instructions inside... Anyway.. if you want one or all of these items doesn't matter. Take your pick. I'll send it to you. Don't complain you don't have it, when here it is for free. Might not be the latest greatest but... You know what I mean. ;-) Cheers...
  12. I have some tools I'm giving away. Nothing spectacular. All vintage or antique. All still in good condition, can be used today. These tools are all that's left of a life long watch repair/Jewelers man's business. Sadly he passed and well... This is the truth of what happens to your stuff after one does. It gets gone through, and most gets tossed if the family isn't interested in it. Or after they grab the gold and silver and valuables I should say. Same with those that go through it after... These trinkets are all that's left... But! I did salvage them, and thought I'd pass then on to someone that can use them. And please, I'd prefer these go to an end user. Not a reseller. Pick what you want, send me a PM indicating which item you want and a mailing address. I'll get them in the mail to you as soon as I can. 1) 4 Oilers and old bottle of clock oil with a little left in it. Bottle label reads "W. F. NYE Inc., Electric Clock Oil, New Bedford Mass. USA" and something on the other side I can't make out. 2) Tiny micro something. I don't know what it is. It's squared and comes to a point. I thought it was a file at first but it's not. Almost like a really long needle only out of hardened metal. 3) Mixed set of vintage mini screwdrivers. They need to be cleaned up, but they're all good. I'd keep them but I have 5 or 6 sets already. 4) Dura Cast Type Set in original box. Style 2833. For hot stamping. Missing one or two letters. 5) I'm not sure what this tool is. I have another post asking if anyone recognizes it. But it's up for grabs as well. If you can make out what that writing says on the box, please let me know. It'll satisfy my curiosity. I have one more thing I'm giving away as well, I'll add to this post later. I found out what it was a while back but forgot. I have to take a pic of it before adding it. As mentioned, nothing spectacular, but maybe someone could use these tools even though their old. I'll ship to wherever in USA, sorry, I'm not willing to pay shipping overseas. Cheers...
  13. Hey everyone, Another vintage tool from a long gone watch repair/jewellery business that I haven't a clue what it is or what it's for. It may be for a specific watch or clock, I don't know. Both ends are squared/rectangular. It measures 9cm / 3.5" from tip to tip. The handle may be made from some sort of plastic...(?) I'm not sure. No markings on it. Anyone know what it is, and what it was used for?
  14. Thanks MrRoundel. It's a candy blue over silver metallic base, clear coat overall. It's a high temp, oil, gas resistant finish. According to a German Watch historical museum the G. Boley vises are suppose to be a very precise parallel vise. They made a rotating base for the C60 and I've only seen one with it, which was on eBay. I didn't know if the Google translation of the German site is correct, if so then what I was referring to as a removable anvil is called a "saddle". Now restored I can tell you it's as smooth as silk. Just a beautifully made vise. I hope to make a couple add on jaws for it such as a felt set and a poly set that clip on using the detents on the side of the existing jaws. If not magnets.. lol I'm not into restoring vises per say, I have a few that were discarded, or left heading to the landfill such as this Boley C60 was. To me it's just a waste to throw them away when a little effort can bring something back and in some cases I can improve it and put it back in service. Saving the planet one project at a time. You guys here would have salivated over all the watch and clock repair tools and stuff that got tossed out of this unit where this vise came from. Very sad... I was there last person in asked to clean it up some. This and a couple other small items were all I could salvage. They destroyed most of the rest. A clock/watch repair man's entire life discarded after his passing. At least this vise is still around. And I left some of the marks he made in it just because. Restored it should last another 100 or so years if cared for properly. Still hoping to date it. Going to write the German museum to see if they can help in that regard. Cheers..
  15. No one has any insight on this vise? Any old time watch/clock makers around that might know about it on this board? At any rate, the refurbish is finished, thought you guys/gals might like to see it. You can see more pics and read a little on the history of G. Boley and Company on my blog HERE.
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