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  1. My dad once said real men love pink. i responded with 'said no one ever.' I'll never forget one night where I actually wore pink when my godson accompanied me to the ballet. His mom suggested we match our suits and he begged that we wear pink. So I got a pink shirt and tie. His mom got him a matching set. My routine before any show is to go to the neighboring hotel and get a glass of scotch at the pool bar. While we were in that spot, the bartender comp'd my drink, his rootbeer, and my parking pass. Nice. Went to the ballet, we drew alot of attention from some nice looking ladies. After the show, we went to dinner. I got him whatever he wanted, got my entree, few glasses of wine, dessert for both of us. Bill was roughly $90. We waited and waited for our check. Finally flagged a waitress and was told a group of ladies at a nearby table paid our bill. TOld the waitress how touched they were that we went out wearing pink for breast cancer awareness month. Internally I was laughing, externally I was like, 'oh yes, that's right, breast cancer for real.' I told the squirt that im taking him out more often wearing pink. Never did it again. He's 16 now and, well, he's no longer interested in pink as one would expect. Sent from my SM-T720 using Tapatalk
  2. I'd love to take the screwdrivers out of your hands. Still available? Sent from my SM-T720 using Tapatalk
  3. Hello and welcome. I'm about to procure a 5 myself so I can learn the inner workings of a movement. I haven't touched a watch in years so Im' in the same boat as you. Maybe we can share notes. Sent from my SM-T720 using Tapatalk
  4. My gawd not only are there tons of them but they are attractive. I have a dozen on watch list deciding which I want to start learning from. Started collecting equipment too. Sent from my SM-T720 using Tapatalk
  5. hello thank you. i will look that up, thanks Sent from my SM-T720 using Tapatalk
  6. I read that learning from a nonfunctioning watch is a bad approach. The reasoning is logical due to the possible complications. I will start with a working movement so I can understand how these genius device work. Sent from my SM-T720 using Tapatalk
  7. I read on a watchmaker's website that the best way to learn about movements is to get a 6498 ETA or a clone. For various reasons he listed, one of them is the low cost. So I did a cursory search and I see them listed for about $80. Is this right? Sent from my SM-T720 using Tapatalk
  8. Oh, and I forgot to mention this. If someone can suggest an inexpensive mechanical watch witih parts that are readily available (if necessary), I'm open to suggestions. I'm here to learn above all. Sent from my SM-T350 using Tapatalk
  9. The last time I wore a watch, it was my third in no less than a week. I was on the flightdeck of my ship assisting with the onboarding of supplies for our multi-month cruise. The watch was on my wrist for no more than a few hours and was shiny new. Our ship store had indiglo watches for sale and I thought it was a cool design. I was directing the crane operator on the pier with a pallate of soda when the watch back popped off and the innards dropped down, bounced off the corner of the catwalk and into Hong Kong harbor. I angrily ripped off the watch band and flung it into the nether. This was 1993. Growing up, watches were a pain in the ass. They were either too loose and the watch head would roll off the visible side of my arm or it was too tight and I would get rashes. Naturally, they were kid watches and made of plastic. Either way, I was done with them. A few days ago, I happened upon the watch repair channel on youtube and was mesmerized by the dude's skills. It was a gentleman's watch from the 1960s that he serviced. For an inexpensive watch, it was intricate and loaded with parts. I was blown away. As if I don't have enough hobbies at any given time, I now have a budding interest in watch repair. If done right, the cost of entry should be relatively affordable. My life is a busy one. Aside from my day job and side business, I have a home, partner, and an airplane (yes I'm a private pilot). If i'm not flying on day excursions, i'm at my hangar tinkering. If I'm not in the hangar, I'm home fiddling with something. Or I'm handling my side business affairs, or I'm in training of some sort. Or, I'm out smoking cigars and drinking scotch with my bros. Mostly, though, I'm home with my loving partner of nearly fourteen years. Why do I have a budding interest in watch repair as a hobby? I love small, intricate devices and I didn't know anything about watches until now. Well, I still don't. Until a few days ago I thought all watches were powered by a battery or are mobile computers with enough battery capacity to barely fit a workday. I had no idea that watches are still made to be powered with unsprung force. This wakes up the physicist in me. You can say I was enthralled by the concept. Incidently, I joined this forum last week because it showed up on tapatalk after a cursory search. I didn't notice that the guy from the youtube channel refers to this forum at the end of his videos. It always amazes me what a small world it is. So I'd like to approach watch repair by obtaining a mechanical watch and repairing it. I'm going to start searching ebay/craigslist for an inexpensive automatic watch that no longer operates. Nothing fancy, but functional by design. I will start looking for used tools of the trade and learn the craft by restoring the watch back into service. Then, I will take a stab at wearing a watch again. It would be nice to have accurate time on my wrist when I'm calculating fuel consumption on the plane or marking takeoff/lading time. I intend to utilize this forum as a training tool and discover other websites as I go. If it turns out that I don't have the skill or talent to be a hobby, then I won't feel bad since it won't take alot to get started. I hope. Or maybe it will cost a fortune. I have a question regarding chat. Are there any IRC servers with populated watch repair channels I can join? I noticed that this forum has a tapatalk chatroom but it's seldom used. I did a cursory search on freenode to no avail. I hope to make great friends on here, in the meantime. Sent from my SM-T350 using Tapatalk
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