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  1. @MrRoundel thanks for the response will give this a try and see if can get it fixed. More sentiment reasons than any for wanting to get it fixed so fingers crossed!
  2. @nichod do you need more detailed explanation and photo of the issue? In the red box it shows where the issue is... in the blue box it shows the stem down in one photo and up in another. When the stem is up the clasp/connector comes loose and the watch doesn't wind or work with battery in. When the stem is down it lets you wind and the watch works on and off. Anyone with actual helpful comments would be appreciated. @vinn3 hopefully the photos are a help.
  3. Have current issue with my fathers pocket watch in regards to the stem. Not the stem thsts the issue but the clasp that hold it down. When the watch is closed back up after fixing it (or thinking I have) it lets me wind the watch without lifting the stem; then the stem comes right out when i do try to lift it up...any ideas?
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