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  1. Hello dear fellows who share with me this hobby of old timepieces. I own a Seiko 5 - 6119/7103, a model my father bought when I was five years old. At the time, 1971, he bought from a Japanese seller who visited his potential customers from house to house. On this day, I was present in the living room and witnessed the choice and purchase of the model by my father. Today, I own an identical copy of this watch, but it lacks the original bracelet. The specimen was bought in the site of purchase and sale (free market) and apparently, is in very good condition, requiring of course a general overhaul. Follow the clock photo for review and comments. The bracelet presented is the original and the photo was taken from the internet. If someone has an identical bracelet with the terminals in good condition and wants to sell, I will have interest. A hug to all friends!
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