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  1. I have a few more but these are the “keepers” that are in regular rotation Might make a separate projects post but the blue dialed one with no brand name is one I made from parts from eBay after getting inspired to do so by mark’s project.
  2. Interesting, maybe I'll try that then. I guess I kind of assumed they were necessary to do it correctly but perhaps I overestimated it. Thanks for the advice either way
  3. Of all the tools needed for watchmaking the mainspring winder seems to be the biggest hurdle. I've been poking around for a used Bergeon set (since apparently no other companies make these currently, not even from China?) but I don't fully understand what I actually need as far as sizes go. I see some are labeled as being for ETA movements, some are Rolex specific, but then there are just a bunch that seem labeled with sizes of some sort. I could buy the handle, and the winder for the movements I'm working on now, and then just add to that as I go along. Or I could wait longer and s
  4. Hey All, New to the forum, just wanted to give a quick "hello!". I've been collecting watches (mainly vintage, mostly Heuer chronographs from 60s/70s, but some other stuff too) for about 6 years. I grew up around cars and racing my whole life, and I used to work on them all the time. Now I live in the city and don't have a garage or space to work on cars, so I've turned to a much smaller version I'm working my way through the 2nd part of Mark's training course and building up my arsenal of tools (getting there...) and knowledge as I go. My goal is to be able to work on automatic chro
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