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  1. I appreciate the explanation. I agree, a watch with a brand name but fake or clone should be illegal. Same clone watch with no brand logo should be permited.
  2. Much appreciated. Contacted Archer who answer quickly and very professionally. Unfortunatly, I decided to sale of my current nice watches, did not see the purpose of paying over $1500 for watches I never or rarely wear. These nice watches purchased many moons ago are not me anymore, need to update my watch wardrobe To tell tou the truth, my favorite watch is a Rolex Submariner-Date clone Seagull ST2130 that was given to me several years ago and I wear daily. It is 20s fast accuratly and wears very well. Glad I did not have to pay what it really costs. Would like to have it serviced and adjusted but most watch reoaites do not touch copies. I do not understand the clone issue, like any patent, a model expires, why can’t cloners sales copies like we can buy less expensive medication after patent expires ? Like any watch novice then, I never understood the cost of servicing nice watched years ago. Lesson learned! Most importantly, in past few months (apart from Archer who was very detailed and professional) had the worst communication experience with Zenith (LVMH) and Omega, not helpfull at all. My biggest surprise was Ball with whom I had excellent customer service answers and solutions. They will certailny get my business in the future. I was disapointed by others though, one buy expensive watches, one would at least be treated like a client and not like cattle. Will try farfo.com as well in near future. Thank you for correcting their website info. Thsnk you Ball watch for your excellent customer service. Shame on you Zenith (LVMH) and Omega main customer service for useless worst communication and customer service ever! Felt like I was dealing with 1960’s used car salemen one see in movies, and maybe worst... AJ
  3. I’m new to this but it’s like any other profession or hobby. Mechanics use certain brands of tools for their profession due to reliability and manufacture quality. You can start inexpensive, upgrade to better and finally buy what you should or spend less in long run and just get the top tier screwdrivers to start. (A*F, Bergeon, Horotec, VOH). I chose Horotec (without experience only research ) due to their ball-bearing design but other manufacturers also have their own proprietary advantages. The quality is also in the blades which will be in contact with delicate screws. After, it’s a question a trying and feel what one likes more. Got to start somewhere! People may agree or respectfully disagree but that’s the way my mind is wired to think. Hope this helps ...
  4. Much Appreciated MrR. Will surely purchase other size as I move forward until I have a full set. 2.00 is now on top of my list Thank you
  5. HSL- I am new to this and know the above will help me in the future. Thank you for sharing. I believe and apply pay-it-forward :ThumbsUp:
  6. Great long term goal acheivement :Thumbsup: Just started myself and that would be a great goal for me as well. Thank you for sharing
  7. @jdm To follow-up on screwdrivers, opted for Horotec “Lifetime Series” individuals: 0.80 - 1.00 - 1.20 - 1.40 I understand I will need other sizes in the future but wanted to start with quality screwdrivers as I started with quality tweezers. Buying a few at a time makes my brain think Horotec screwdrivers are more affordable It’s going to be a long journey learning and acquiring tools anyway... Thank you for your input :thumbsUp: AJ
  8. @JDM- I agree fully with what you wrote. Unfortunately it seems the norm in the watch business. A similar situation came up when I moved to the US 20 years ago. There was something I just could not understand people here were doing -from East to West coast - that was done so much more efficiently on the old continent. I realized I had 2 choices, either convince 400 million people I was correct or just deal with it It is hard enough to get watchmakers and repairers to answer emails, I would not dare try to change thier working habits :)) AJ
  9. Thank you for information. IWW seems to have major health issues, read information on his webiste. I wish him well! https://www.internationalwatchworks.com/note-from-jack Farvo.com unless spelled incorrectly, domain is for sale. As mention in a previous post, after doing more research I found Al (Archer) on the Omega forum. He is located in CA, close enough for me. He has great reputation but most importantly, he responded to emails swiftly. There are 2 sides to a profession, the “trade” and the “business” side. People may be competant in their trade but I cannot understand in 2019, professionals that do not answer emails in a timely manner; at least within 2 weeks. I may be opening a cane of worms but to me it shows bad organisation, lack of professionalism and none-respect for the customer. It’s not that one needs to write letter and go to post office to mail letter anymore. I am not asking for watch professionals to get on every useless social media platform available out there but if they they have an email addess, have the respect to the customer to at least send an quick answer. Yes, everyone is very busy, and everyone feel they are busier than others. The trade (any trade) is only half of the equation, the other half is business, meaning the customer. Fixing an object - what ever trade one is in is one thing, satisfying the customer -meant in a good way, is why clients come back for more. Just my 2 cents AJ
  10. By coincidence as I was researching for a shop to service my watches, I contacted Al (Archer) on Omega forum, not having made the comnection to the post above. Yes, Al has an excellent reputation. Glad I found his post above which gives a more realistic approach and understanding of what watchmaking is all about for newbies like me, moreover finding someone I could send my watches to service as well. Appreciate your input Ry AJ
  11. Although still expensive, I thought this “simpler” perpetual calandar movement idea was brillant. I love to see complex and over-complicated ideas simplified. Thinking outside of the box, no following the crowd, being unique and opening the door of complicated engineering to it’s simpler form. This movement could sale more than Rolex if it was in a more resonnable price point.
  12. Wanted to follow-up and thank everyone for their input. ThumpsUp: AJ
  13. Not that know personally/ professionally or by reputation. A quick google search of course came up with list of shops. I feel it’s trickier than having to repair a PC and would rather wait for a warm introduction to someone that knows someone than rushing into the first shop I find. I may go the manufacturer’s route if it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. I appreciate everyone’s responses :thumup: AJ
  14. Hi All- I read a lot of post on several websites cincerning manufacturers exorbitant pricing but from past recent experience, finding a watch repair professional that actually answers emails is harder than finding a gold nugget on a hiking trail. I am in for the long hall, wanting to learn the watch repair bisiness as a hobby but with a professional learning experience, I have the time and willing to learn no matter where it takes me. Already started purchasing tools of the trade... One thing I am sure about, I do not want to service my nice watches myself. But, I would be intereested in contacting a reputable watch service professional instead of going to manufacturer. I contacted a supposedly reputable shop on US West coast (No disrespect intended) but got not answer and not holding my breath . Have automatics Omega, Ball and Zenith to service. Can anyone recommend someone on US East coast ? PS: To tell you the truth, I love my replica Submariner. It’s accuratly 20s fast per day, but I suppose it can also be adjusted since it’s not eraticlly fast. Although it does not seem to have any issues except being a little fast - too fast for my taste, would also consider having it services and adjusted as well just to be happy for next several years Thank you, AJ
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