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  1. Yes. It is watch demagnetizer. Watch runs great but the seconds are fast. A bit over a second a minute. I would think that would increase the rate of entire watch but the sweep second is gaining time independent of the rest of the watch it seems. Watch hasn’t gained a minute in the last 48 hours. I demagnetized and problem still persist lift angle set at 54 Something with the vertical clutch? Still, I would think it would run in harmony with the rest of the power train and escapement I love learning about these things I hope you guys don’t mind guiding me on this
  2. Hello! Thank for the welcome and the response. I actually didn't do anything but regulate the watch to less than .03 beat error and +/- 5 seconds a day. It was running a strong 240-250 amplitude (for seiko). so I left it alone. Like I said, I have not experience servicing a chrono. Only direct second hands and sub second hands. But my rudimentary knowledge leads me to think that this second hand would also be in alignment with timing of the rest of the movement and escapement. I will to demagnetize and get back to you. Can I do that whole? In case with balance spring present? Thank you again for the generosity of your time. ~marcus
  3. Hello all!!! I've enjoyed these posts for the past couple of years but have yet to join. Wonderful informative information here. Thank you! I was wondering if anyone would have some insight on how to approach something. I have an Issue with a Seiko 6139. The Chrono flyback sweeping second is relatively fast but watch is in time (both on Timeographer and in the world). Literally Fast relative to the rest of the watch...how can this be independent? On the timeographer it is dead spot on with healthy amplitude but the fly back second hand when its engaged runs fast. Like a 1.5 seconds per minute fast. I would think that this would affect its general time keeping but it doesn’t. The hour and minute hand of a 24 to 48 hour periods is accurate. But the second hand runs fast. How could that be. Issue with vertical clutch or something. I'm not that familiar with Auto Chrono's. How can the watch be keeping time on the graph and in real world with the second hand going so fast? Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks Marcus oh, btw...I spelled my name wrong when signing up. Hopefully I'll be able to revise that as well.
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