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  1. How much do you think this watch will be worth. Is there anyway i can get an evaluation easily. I have a few other mysterious watches also i need to price up.
  2. How on earth did you acquire this much info about the watch history in that time?
  3. Hello there. i have acquired this 70s rally style dive watch the other day. Not too sure on the history of Avystle, nor how much they’re worth. i was planning on giving it a clean tonight. I might sand the case down to remove some scratches and clean the dial. It looks like a delicate dial and have never cleaned one before, can anyone advise?
  4. Hi There, thankyou for getting back to me. To be honest with you, im not going to be re-plating. Im not getting chemically involved. nor sending this out. Is there a chance of sand papering this down and re-polishing (like on youtube vids) or is this strictly for Stainless Steel.
  5. Hi everyone, I really appreciate all of your assistance on the above watch. I have now sourced a complete movement where ill just replace. I have another query regarding general watch case cleaning. I dont believe this watch is stainless steel and there is some signs of brassing / brownness underneath on the edges. Is it possible to clean this and restore it to its former gleam?
  6. And that’s why I know have two additional watches coming in the post . There are worse hobbies
  7. I might buy this watch and just replace my movement with it. Can someone confirm that this will fit my watch and i can add the calendar wheel onto it? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-Donada-17-Jewel-Watch-EB8800-Movement-Ticking-Repairs-T10/153620778112?hash=item23c4830c80:g:-IsAAOSw3SFdQY7W
  8. Yeah these movement don’t look great! But I really do like the watch itself and think it’s aged well. An everyday wearer. Id even be happy just to buy another complete movement from the internet but I cannot really find one
  9. I believe I now require a new complete balance as well as the previously mentioned piece. Does anyone have both of these pieces?
  10. I have another issue among many. I have lots my cover plate to the balance jewel. perhaps I’ve not the skill for this hobby
  11. The second crown has no impact on the movement and only locks the rotation bezel in place
  12. Oh sorry didnt see the second URL. I believe its item, 443/1 as its local to the other keyless works items.
  13. I greatly appreciate all of your help!!!! A real asset to this forum. I have had a scour through the internet to find donor movements, however i am struggling to find anything. I would appreciate if your could have a look in your box of bits n' bobs and will pay you for one if you can find one.
  14. Okay then, as are you, im currently at work and cant take pics untill i get home. There is one picture of the broken component above, but not great quality. I can take more pics when i get back.
  15. WOW! Thank you very much! That's the exact movement. It prevents the stem from getting pulled out and its also critical component for the keyless works. And i dont have access to the 3d printer. Its not an amazing watch but i like it.
  16. I knew I should have taken a movement image. However, I’m at work now and this is all I have. Probably isn’t good enough
  17. Hello fellow enthusiasts! I have a vintage newmark dive watch. I really love the bezel and two crowns. I would love love to get this baby back to it’s former glory. However, there a few issues preventing me. Perhaps you guys / gals can help me. The major issue is that the one piece of the stem locking system has sheared. I’m not sure what it’s called. The pin that stops the stem from pulling right out and when it should be working can be pulled and the mechanism shifts to wind. The peice that’s rests on the movement is fine, but someone has forced the stem out and snapped the pin that stops it.can anyone please advise. Another issue is that the dial legs have also sheared off. The rear back plate also doesn’t press down all the way and therefore there’s too much movement within the case for the movement. The balance is also randomly stopping. Please can have some advice.
  18. The original is a broken peice, but it has no tension ring. It is just Acrylic throughout with a lip on the edge.
  19. can somebody please forward me an alternate watch acrylic crystal that would satisfy the above. 29mm dia. High dome.
  20. Hello there fellow watch enthusiasts. i have an issue here. The watch is running perfectly without the acrylic crystal on but whenever I press the crystal in place, the movement immediately stops. i believe this is and issue derived from the pressure forcing the movement down and causing it to stop. i don’t think it’s a case of the hands hitting the glass. i have proved this by removing the hands. i have been through two high dome crystals now and they don’t work. does anyone have any advise?
  21. The watch so far has kept good time. Maybe its just a case of trial and error and until i get a really timegrapher, then id have no luck with these apps.
  22. Hello, I have recently brought a seiko 7002 and fully restored it and freshly oiled it. I am now at the stage of trying to regulate the beat error / timing. I have purchased one of those timegrapher app on my iphone to save on money. I had the microphone on top of the balance yesterday and manged to get the beat error t 0.50ms appox. and the time average rate of -6 secs per day. I was very happy with this for a first attempt. However, after checking it a while later, the results were thrown out. perhaps this was also due to the fact i had the microphone underneath the cyrstal this time. The graph also doesn't correspond to the typical two parallel lines angled. Mine are dotted everywhere imaginable. i am also in complete silence by the way. But ive seen someones elses like this with good regulation on the internet, perhaps its just the app? Can someone more skilled please advise, because id really like to take this hobby up.
  23. Helloe everyone, Does anyone know where i can get a good quality brown leather watch bund (two piece) from the uk for no more than £35 but probably more than £10 for quality purposes.
  24. Hello there, I have acquired a rotating bezel from another donor watch. I have just brought a replacement acrylic screen because the other was perished, I had no luck in doing this as it broke and snapped on the press. does anyone know if I can swap an acrylic screen with a glass one and how to install them?
  25. Hello everyone, I have recently come into possession of a vintage Avia watch with a black dial and what appears to be gold case. I had cleaned and polished it up using a dremel drill with a buffer and compound. there was no greenish tinge to the case after i done this and no steel underneath. How can i tell if this watch is gold or just gold coated? Thankyou.
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